Family planning has been an essential element for married couples and new ways and methods are being invented very frequently for it. Both married couple and unmarried couples are cautious about the unwanted pregnancy as a proper planning is very important before thinking about extending your family and having a baby.

There may be innumerable reasons why you do not want to have a baby now but that is not important. What is important is how to prevent the unwanted pregnancies safely that do not have wrong impact on both male’s and female’s health.

To avoid such unwanted pregnancies the most important thing is to have proper knowledge of various natural family planning methods that can help the couples in having the baby at the time they actually want and are fully prepared for it. These methods also help in keeping the required age difference between the babies.

There are a number of different methods available today through which the unwanted pregnancies can be avoided. Some of these methods are effective while some are not; similarly some of them are 100% side-effects-free while some may have a few side effects. Although these methods are developed after having a lot of scientific researches, have undergone several tests and are highly reliable still in some cases the use of it is not given the priority. Following are the main reasons due which the use of these methods is not given the preference:

  • In some cases they do not show the appropriate results due to which people do not trust these methods always and go for natural family planning methods that are not only safe but are among the most recommended ones by the doctors
  • There are chances that certain customs or rituals do not permit the use of such artificial methods for birth control or avoiding pregnancy.
  • There may be side effects issue due to which people might ignore the use of these artificially fabricated methods.
  • The cost of these methods may be another reason why people avoid using them.

A Few Effective & Natural Family Planning Methods

So, it is clear that no matter what, choosing natural methods for family planning is the right choice for everyone. These are not only the safest option to choose but are also inexpensive. To get a hang on these natural methods you need have proper knowledge and good practice of the same. These methods for regular birth control measures require you to have proper education of the details of the same.

If you have insufficient knowledge and you proceed with wrong calculations then it might lead you to the trouble of unwanted pregnancy. Below listed are the few natural family planning methods that you need to have proper knowledge about. Have a look at these methods and remain safe from the unplanned pregnancies:

Keeping The Count of Standard Days –

The standard days method is very simple to understand and in this method you have to keep track on your menstrual cycle and go for intercourse only when you are infertile. In this method consider the first day of your periods as Day 1 of your cycle. In this cycle you are infertile from Day 1 to Day 7 which is considered safe and you can go for unprotected sex without any worries.

After Day 7, comes Day 8 and from Day 8 to Day 19 it is risky to have sex without any protection as at this time you are at your most fertile phase where going for sex without precautions can be dangerous.

At this time you can go for alternative options or should completely avoid intercourse. You are again safe from Day 20 to Day 32 to have sex. Remember, this one of the natural family planning methods that is applicable only for women who have their periods between 26 to 32 days.  In this method you have to keep a track on the days of your menstrual cycle.


Rhythm Method –

Though this method is a bit unreliable and you cannot completely rely on this method but still if you understand it and follow it with the right procedure then you can certainly take advantage of this natural family planning method. All you need to do is to keep right calculations about the menstrual cycle and certain days of the cycle.

This method comprise of three main parts. Number one – women ovulates before the onset of menstruation in which you can add or deduct 2 days; Number two – A sperm survives only for three days inside a woman’s body; and number three – fertilizing time for the eggs after being released from the ovaries is 24 hours. The calculations can be done depending upon the assumptions mentioned above. This method is not applicable for the women with irregular menstrual cycles.

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Ovulation Method –

This method is also known as cervical mucus method and in this method you can easily distinguish between you fertility and infertility phase. This you can do by properly understanding the look and feel of the cervical mucus secretions. When the fertility phase is at its peak then the secretion will appear clearer, it will be more wet and sticky and will also be a bit stretchy.

This means the cake is still uncooked and it shows the egg white. This will make it easier for your understand the fertility days thus making it easy for you to go for safe sex.

Natural family planning methods are always a good choice and it is suggested that going with such methods will not only keep you safe from unwanted pregnancies but will also help in you having most pleasurable and enjoyable time with your partner.