Are you affected by a sinus infection? If you do, there’s so much you can do at home to relieve the symptoms and other sinus-related problems. The best thing about them is that they are simple and affordable.

It’s important to find out the root cause of the sinus problems. Commonly, allergies including hay fever and indoor allergies cause sinus problems. No matter what your trigger is, try these 5 tips and home remedies to ease your sinus infection.

1. Stay In Cool & Moist Conditions

When there’s a lot of heat in the surroundings, your nose becomes dry from inside. The mucus is also not cleared and this increases chances of sinus problems. There’s no ideal indoor temperature range, just make sure your nose is moist enough. If you do not have nosebleeds or congestion, then you’re in a good temperature range.

2. Keep Your Air Humid, But Not Too Much

Don’t let your home get either too dry or too humid. The dust mites prefer more than 50% humidity. If you’re allergic to them, it could be bad for your sinuses. A great deal of humidity may cause mold growth and this may trigger sinus problems.

Different experts have different opinions on the effect of using room humidifiers around sinus affected people. Some say that a room humidifier doesn’t make any difference as there’s much of air to humidify. However, some think that their continuous use for about 6 months may prevent sinus problems.

When you’re in the middle of a sinus problem, vaporizers can help you feel at ease if kept within reach. Inhale the mist coming from vaporizers but be wary of the steam.

3. Drink Lots Of Water & Use Neti Pot

The experts say that by drinking water at least a quart a day (1 gallon), the pee gets clear. The salt-water nasal rinses are also good for nose. The neti pots (nasal saline sprays) are one of the most effective and amazing natural remedies to relieve sinus problems.

4. Keep Your Home Ventilated

An energy-efficient house seals up a house, making the air stale and worsening sinus problems. On a hot day, it’s better to open up the house and clear out the air. But don’t do that when there’s a high pollen count.

The importance of keeping air ducts on heating and cooling system clean is a moot point among experts. Some say that cleaning the air ducts makes sinus patients even more sick due to worsened airborne dust. While some say that if the air has a dusty or moldy smell, one should give it a try. It is recommended that air conditioner filters should also be changed on a regular basis.

5. Get Rid Of Household Irritants

Hairspray, smoke of cigarette, cleaning products and other materials releases fumes and aggravate sinus problems. Moreover, a thing having strong odor of fumes can cause problems especially if you are vulnerable to that. People who are sensitive to pet dander should bathe clean the pets on a weekly basis.
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