Are you worried about that extra fat in your body? Are looking for some simple ways that can help you in shedding a few pounds? If yes, you have to follow a perfect diet plan for men in order to get your body in shape again. Losing weight and having the perfect body along with perfect health is not easy.

Taking out time for gym and exercise from your busy schedule is another big task today. But, no matter how busy your schedule is and how tied up you are in your work, you have to take care of your fitness; After all, it is you who have to take care of the complete family.

Staying fit and having perfectly shaped body is the desire of almost every men but not everyone is lucky enough to get those six-pack abs or perfectly toned muscles. Following are the few reasons that are the major causes of increased fat in your body.

  1. Lack of Exercise And Workout –

    when you are not indulged into exercising, walking or running job then this may result in weight gain. Regular exercises, working out and doing several physical activities like walking, jogging, skipping, running etc. can be really helpful in losing weight significantly.
  2. Irregular Eating Habits –

    Not eating at time, excessive eating or eating fast results in weight gain. It is suggested to choose right diet plan for men and follow it strictly to have a properly shaped body. Eating at correct time, eating slowly and properly chewing your food is must to remain healthy and fit.
  3. Improper Sleep -

    you have to maintain your body clock in order to remain healthy and fit. Minimum 8 hours of sound sleep is very important as you can also burn calories while you sleep. Around 63calories are burnt by a person in an hour’s sleep. So, apart from following the diet plan for men you also have to go to your bed on time. Staying awake late night is one of the biggest causes of weight gain.
  4. Increased Intake of Junk, Oily or Spicy Food –

    junk, oily and spicy food is the enemy of good health. Once in a while is not that dangerous but making pizzas and aalu tikki chats your daily food is definitely not going to work out.
  5. Long Sitting Job –

    Starting at 9, coming back home at 6, sitting on the chair all day with your eyes stuck on your computer screen is the part of your job and you cannot ignore it. But a few alternations in your daily activities are surely easy and will be helpful too.

    Though you have to sit in the office for long hours but you still have an option to take breaks and walk a few steps while you take breaks. You can use stairs instead of elevators because you know you have to sit for next 9 hours.

  6. No Physical Activities –

    Being lazy and laying down on the couch for no reason, is not good for your body. Try indulging yourself in various physical activities like taking your dog out for the walk, Going out to but fruits and veggies for home (prefer walking) or just a few push ups and stretches to feel fresh.
  7. Stress –

    Remain stress free and relaxed as this is one of the best ways to remain healthy and fit. Excessive stress and tension results in gaining weight which is definitely not good for your health.
So, follow a good diet plan for men and try to avoid the above mentioned activities to have a fit and healthy body.

Having proper diet plan and strictly following is very important. If you have already decided to follow a diet plan for men to bring your body in shape again then you have to diligent and strict; strict with your eating habits, strict with your exercise timings and moreover, strict with your commitments.


Diet Plan for Men and Principles to Cut Down Extra Fat

Before going deeper into the diet plan you need to understand a few basic principles that can be very helpful in shedding fat and keeping you fit and strong. Have a look –
  1. Add Proteins to Your Daily Diet -

    Include protein in your daily diet (at least 1 gram). The increased intake of protein can be helpful in preserving lean mass of your body that could be lost in your dieting phase. The proteins that you choose should be of high quality like lean red meat egg whites, poultry, and protein supplements.

    The protein diet that is suggested consists of about 220-250 grams of protein daily, and that is good enough for a male weighing 200-250 pounds. You can definitely add on to it depending on how hungry you feel during the day.

  2. Drink a lot of Water –

    Following the diet plan for men and eating healthy to shed pounds is not enough. Following some basic principles like drinking a lot of water is utterly important. Drinking a lot of water each day keeps you hydrated and healthy. While you on dieting, this should be your first choice in beverages.

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  3. Carbohydrates Should be Low or Moderate –

    when you are on the track of losing weight then you have to keep your carbohydrates moderate to low. You could obviously go for some good and healthy Carbohydrate food is necessary for the men who want to gain weight and they may include oats, whole grain breads etc. in their daily diet.
  4. Avoid Alcohol –

    it suggested to avoid alcohol as much as possible because this is highly injurious for your health and will also hinder your process of weight loss.

Top Foods That Should be Included in The Diet Plan For Men

Easting healthy and following proper schedule is definitely good for your body and keeps you mentally and physically fit but still there are certain food items that beneficial for men’s health and should be in included in the diet plan for men. Below is the list of such food items.
  • Oranges –

    Oranges are great source of vitamin C that is an antioxidant which helps you in keeping your skin healthy and toned.
  • Vegetables –

    Vegetables (both dark and green leafy veggies) that are rich in nutrients should be on top in the list of diet plan for men as they decrease the risk of having prostates in men.
  • Soybeans –

    This again helps in protecting the prostate health and also reduces the risk of having prostate cancer.
  • Whole Grains –

    taking whole grain food not only fulfils the requirement of vitamins, minerals and fibres in your body but it also keeps your digestive system healthy.
  • Blue Berries or Cherries –

    The small and colourful cherries and berries are among the healthiest fruits to be included in the diet plan for men. These little fruits can be helpful in slowing down the decline process of the brain functioning that occurs with increasing age.
  • Broccoli –

    although, most of the vegetables deserve to be in the list of diet plan for men, broccoli holds its own importance as it is very helpful in reducing the risk of heart diseases and cancer.
  • Fatty Fish –

    no diet plan or the list of super foods can be ever completed without including the healthy fat, omega 3 fatty acid and fatty fish are the best source to provide Omega-3 fatty acids. Consumption of this reduces the aches and pains in the body and it also provides relief from arthritis.
  • Bananas –

    This potassium and magnesium rich fruit is known for providing instant energy. The energy that bananas provide is helpful in regulating nerves functioning, heart beat and also regulating blood pressure. Another advantage of adding bananas in the diet plan for men is they also reduce the risk of strokes.