The quantity of food you consume obviously has a huge impact on your sexual health, but having right food is also equally important to rectify your sex related problems. What you eat plays a vital role in defining your sexual health and if you have a proper diet plan that includes right food for sexual health then you don’t have to worry about your sex related problems.

If you are not happy with your performance in your bedroom then you definitely have to pay attention on what food you are consuming. For having a pleasurable sex and giving your best on bed, you need to plan a well-balanced menu that includes healthy and optimal food for sexual health. The right diet can bring back that sizzle in your sex life and setting the mood will become easier and more enjoyable.

Right Diet Plan And Food For Sexual Health

Eating healthy food and proper exercise are the two most important things that can help you in boosting your sex drive. Any healthy food has its own benefits in improving your sex life but there are certain food items that can be significantly advantageous for sex health.

Walnuts -

Including walnuts in your daily food plan helps you in improving the fertility.  Walnuts are known to improve the quality of sperm and they can also help in improving the shape of sperm and enhancing its life span.

Spinach and Other Green Leafy Vegetables -

Spinach and also other green vegetables are responsible for great arousal in both men and women. According to a Japanese research, spinach is a great source of magnesium that helps in dilating the blood vessels.

Avocados -

Avocadoes are not only responsible for keeping your heart and arteries healthy, but it is also in category of best food for sexual health. This keeps your heart strong and thus ensuring that the blood reaches to all the parts of the body.

A healthy body is very important for good sex health as men who suffer from heart diseases have more chances to suffer ED or Erectile Dysfunction. So, eating avocadoes not only boosts your sex drive but also keeps your heart healthy and strong.

Dark Chocolates -

Well, who does not like chocolates? Especially, when they are helping you in improving your sex health! Dark chocolates releases elements called serotonin and endorphins that helps in turning you on. When you are in good mood you’ll definitely perform better and have a pleasurable sex drive.

Studies have shown that consuming dark chocolates have caused more passionate and long-lasting brain buzz than kissing does. So, next time don’t forget to fill your pockets with a few darker chocolates before you have any such plans.


Eggs -

Eating eggs is not only good for your overall health but it also plays a significant role in improving your sex health. Eggs are responsible for healthy erection and it should be consumed by the people who suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Eggs are rich source of Vitamin B5 and B6 that helps you in balancing hormonal level and reducing stress. They are also responsible for healthy and increased libido.

Almonds –

It can be the best food for sexual health as it helps in maintaining the erection for longer time. Almonds are filled with arginine that is helps in better blood circulation and keeping your mind and body relaxed. They are also packed up with important monounsaturated fats that are responsible for creating cholesterol (cholesterol that is important for sex hormones to work properly) in your body.

Beans or Other Protein Rich Food -

Protein should be included in your daily diet as it not only maintains your increasing weight but it is also responsible for looking after your overall health. When we talk about beans then you will be surprised to know that beans have incredible property of muscle building and strengthening them from within. Having well toned body and muscles will definitely put an impact when you are in bed.

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Oat Meals -

Calling oat meal as a food for sexual health is certainly not wrong as eating oat meal is one of the best ways to enhance testosterone in the bloodstream. When it comes to sex drive then it is the male hormones that are of more importance and plays a vital role in strengthening the orgasm in both male and female. Eating oats can be one of the best ways to remain energetic throughout the process.

Whole Grains -

whole grain food like whole wheat bread or multi grain bread, barley, brown rice etc are the best foods for sexual health.  They slowly cut down the extra carbohydrates in the body and maintain the sugar level. These whole grain foods helps you in feeling relaxed and energetic and thus keeping you ready for sex sessions.

Coffee -

A cup of coffee is always good for an amazing sex drive. Coffee acts as a stimulator and its consumption stimulates the brain. This in turn helps in heightening the arousal in both men and women.

Watermelon -

Yes, you read it right! Watermelon is also in the category of ‘food for sexual health’. Eating watermelon can help in having proper erection and also in maintaining it. It is also responsible for increasing the libido.

Strawberries and Raspberries -

The seeds of Strawberry and raspberry fruits are packed up with zinc that is one the most essential element for better sex health (for both men and women). Ladies with high levels of zinc their bodies, find it easier to get ready for sex. Whereas, in case of men, zinc controls the testosterone level, that is the key element in the production of sperm. These fruits are very good for men’s sexual health as these are rich source of zinc and the level of zinc decreases in men at the time of intercourse.

Peaches -

Peaches are filled with Vitamin C and this highly responsible in improving the sperm count and the quality of the sperm. The increased level of Vitamin C in peaches is very good for reducing infertility.

Have a happy and healthy sex by including food for sexual health in your diet!!