Better intake of food rich in fiber is equally important for the kids as it is for adults. Parents should be well aware of the fact that including high Fiber food in their child’s diet is of utmost importance when it comes to keeping them healthy. The food rich in fiber is not only easy to digest but also supports in the overall growth of your child.

It is suggested to all the parents to understand the significance of eating high fiber food for kids. Fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals are rich source of fiber and eating these makes the digestive of children more healthy and strong.

What is your child interested in is very important to know when it comes to high fiber food. Is it an apple or a cup of cereal? Even though you know the importance of fiber for your child, it is not easy to get them on eating table for this. Most of the kids do not find high fiber food too tasty to be served on their plate every day. Still, this is the food that promotes better digestion prevents the problem of constipation in kids and nevertheless fights several diseases.

Fortunately, there is a huge variety of high fiber food for kids that they will actually love to eat. According to American Academy of pediatrics your child should consume same amount of fiber as his/her age is and apart from this they should also eat 5 extra grams in a day. This shows how important the intake of fiber rich food is for the healthy growth of your child.

Below listed are a few high fiber foods for kids that will not only keep them healthy but will also be liked by them:

Simple Yet Effective High Fiber Food For Kids

Berries –

Berries are surprisingly packed up with a lot of fiber and can be a really good food to serve your children. Raspberries are among the most liked berries by children and they have around 4 grams of fiber in every half cup of it. This can be the best high fiber food for kids. Adding to your surprise a half cup of delicious blueberries gives 1.8 grams, and another half cup of juicy strawberries is the source of 1.5 grams of fiber.

What could be better then serving the favourite berries to your child along with a little low-fat fresh plain yogurt combined to a mizzle of honey. Your kid won’t be able to resist this delicious snack that can be served to them anytime you wish.


 Apples –

Apples are among the best source of high fiber food for kids. A Variety of apples are available in the market that can be served in variety of ways on the plate of your little once. As the skin of an apple consists of a lot of fiber in it, it is recommended that an apple should be consumed with it skin as well.

The skin of a small apple has around 3.6 grams of fiber in it and that is enough to make out how healthy the skin of an apple is. They can be made even more delicious and yummy for your kids by serving the small slices of apple with a little peanut butter or some honey on them. By adding peanut butter to apple slices, you are adding another 1.6 grams of fiber to your kid’s food.

Banana –

Banana is one of the most liked fruits among the children and you will hardly find a kid who can say no to a banana. Being in the list of high fiber food for kids, a banana of medium size delivers 3.1 gram of fiber. Banana is delicious in itself but to make it yummier for your kid you can cut down the banana in slices and spread some peanut butter on them following with sprinkling the crushed almonds on them or you can also roll the slices over the crushed almonds.

This high fiber food for kids will not only make a special banana dish for your child but will also add another 3.5 gram of fiber to their delicious yet healthy food.

Corn –

Corns are too delicious to be resisted by any child. All you need to do is to show your cooking skills and be a bit experimental by trying out some extra delicious and interesting dishes for your kids. This is not only healthy but also the mostly liked high fiber food for kids. When you serve half a cup of cooked corn to your child, you are serving 1.8 grams of fiber to him/her. Though you can serve corn in variety of ways on your child’s plate but the simplest way is to add some butter with a pinch of salt and that’s it.

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Pears –

Pear is another delicious and high fiber food for kids that along with the skin is packed with around 5.5 grams of fiber. Make it even tastier by sprinkling some cinnamon on it and we bet your child wouldn’t be able to resist this extra yummy snack.

Whole -Wheat Bread and Whole-Wheat Pasta

No matter it whole wheat bread or whole wheat pasta, both of them are amazing foods to enhance the intake of fiber for your child. A single slice of whole wheat bread delivers 1.9 grams of fiber when served on your child’s plate. So by serving a sandwich of two slices that is made up whole wheat bread, you are serving almost 4 grams of fiber to your child.

Now, coming to the benefits of whole-wheat pasta, it is another high fiber food for kids with around 2 grams of fiber in every half cup of cooked one. So prepare mouth-watering pasta by adding some nutritious vegetables and cheese off course.  This tasty dish not only assist in supplying a good dose fiber but it is also rich in Vitamin A and Calcium.

Green Peas –

Green peas are easy to cook and hold a bundle of fiber into them. Half cup of cooked green peas stores around 4.5 grams of fiber and this could probably the easiest way to give your child food that is rich in fiber. You can cook the peas in cheese with a pinch of salt or other spices that your child might like.