Your eyes are the gateway for all things. Eyes are the most important factor that decides how glamorous and impressive the girl is. Obviously Eye makeup plays a major role that decides the first impression.

Smokey eye makeup is one of the best yet irresistible eye makeups that enhance your look and beauty.

For Smokey eye makeup you need different shades of the color that give you the smoky appearance. Black Smokey eyes are the sexiest and stunning that gives you an adorable look.

So ladies get ready for the hazy eye look! All it need is acquired skill and practice, right products for the perfect Smokey eye look.

Before starting your eye makeup follow these basic steps

Get Ready For Smokey Eye Makeup

Clean Your Eyes:

For a perfect start it is the first step. Wash your eyes with lukewarm or cool water properly or else if you are using makeup remover, wash your eyes with water to remove the residue left. Pat your eyes dry.

Makeup Primer:

After cleaning your eyes, apply primer for preparing your eyes for makeup. Take a small quantity of the primer and apply under your eyes by dapping spots and mix it with the skin tone properly around your eyes as a basic texture. Apply the primer over the eyelids so that your eyes get properly enhanced up and polished to get a flawless look.

Use of Concealer:

After applying primer next step is to apply concealer. It is applied to hide the dark spots and dark circles from your face. It lightens the spot of the face. Take the concealer that matches your skin tone and contain moisturizer.

Curl Your Lashes:

Curling your eye lashes is an important step. Before applying mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and kajal to your eyes doing this step will enhance your eye makeup and it will smudge your makeup.

Hold your curler from the base of your lashes and press it down for 3-4 seconds. Repeat it for the middle part and at end of your lashes.

Fact: If you want more and thick curl, slightly warm your eyelash curler with your hairdryer. This will give you exact look as hot curl gives. Be careful while heating your eyelash curler. Do not heat too much as it can harm skin near your lashes.

Smokey eyes are one of the best and trendy look which is in fashion nowadays. For night parties especially girls choose smokey eye makeup.

These three brushes do wonder for perfect eye make up.

Pro Medium Shadow Brush, 

Pro Crease Blender Brush,

All Over Shadow Brush 

Pro Medium Shadow Brush is used for applying color to eyelid and also adding color underneath for a smoldering smokey eye look.

Pro Crease Blender Brush is also known as the smudging brush. This brush adds magic to your eye makeup which gives a professional look or else a celebrity look. Blend the color used on eyelid with blender brush. The magic of this brush is that it mixes the two colors in very smooth way providing smooth finishing to eyes.

All Over Shadow Brush  is all purpose makeup applying brush used for applying eye makeup to the entire eyes at corner’s as well as used for applying wash color on entire eye area from lashline to brow bone and also for highlighting the brow bone. It adds perfection for the eye makeup.

Now it’s time to know how to use these brush for any eye makeup. How to do smokey eye makeup for the party. Here’s how you go with these steps.

  1. After preparing your eyes for makeup using basic steps which were discussed above now it’s time to start the eye makeup.
  2. With the help of pro medium shadow brush take a small quantity of darker shade and start applying to the inner and the outer corners of the eyes. Depending upon the skin tone, your dress color and according to the look which you want to take.
  3. After filing the color to inner and outer corners of the eyes, start filing the medium tone color of your choice or your outfit matched with the help of brush make a note while applying the color as it will give depth to your eye giving them heavy look.
  4. After these two steps it’s time to fill the lightest color to the center of your eyelid after filling the color with pro medium shadow brush take the blender brush and mix all the color in order to provide perfect smokey texture and finished look. By highlighting the eye area and look bright and bigger. Cover the tear duct properly for perfect finishing of your eye look.

You can try different types of Smokey texture to your eyes. Like black smokey eyes which give very sexy appearance, for everyday look try neutral smokey eyes, dramatic smokey eyes, galaxy star smokey eyes which give you perfect trendy look. Smokey eyes often look very trendy and easy to execute. It purely depends upon your way of applying the combination of color shades you try and the dimension.

Try this very trendy and common effect which gives magical smokey eye makeup effect.

The Gradient Effect:
It is the most popular smokey eye effect. It is very easy to apply. It starts with one color that goes from light to dark at the corners of the eye. It gives really gorgeous gradient effect that happens with this type of eye makeup, and it just looks chic and amazing.
The Cut Crease:
It is the most advanced and professional technique used for angular perfect look. The Cut Crease is a technique in which the crease is "cut" sharply with a contrasting eye shadow color to give it that really dramatic defined crease.
Light on the lid, Smokey in the Crease:
This is very famous eye look done with the use of mate color. In cut crease it uses specific sharpness between two colors and it is angled in a certain way. This is much more blended and smokey. There are various effects which provide Smokey eye. These three are very beautiful and very common used way of providing smokey texture to your eyes.

So try these ways to get ready for the party next time. As it will give complete perfect smokey eye makeup look for an adorable selfie.