It’s impossible to imagine an attractive makeup without foundation. It is the base for the rest of the makeup. It mixes and meshes into the skin, providing natural and improved appearance. The first stage of any kind of facial makeup is to use foundation. Foundations are available in many skin shades, varying from dark brown to peach and rose. The color of the foundation should be selected according to the skin shade.

Isn’t it every girl has a wish to have clear and flawless skin? If anybody is not lucky enough to have it in their genes, there is nothing a small make up cannot fix! Only a right foundation is all you require.

Foundation is a paranormal or magical skin colored makeup product that helps even out the skin tone, covers stains and gives a flawless finishing. It comes in multiple forms like liquid, cream, power based and mousse. What type you need to know when you purchase a foundation is all depend on your skin type and tone and select one which is suitable for both. After knowing the suitable foundation, you need to know about How to Apply Foundation.

The basic motto of using a foundation is to make the skin look flawless and radiant by hiding scars and blemishes, gives uniformity to the skin complexion giving evenness.  Foundation helps make you confident and you won’t need to worry about uneven skin tone or blemishes on your face. But it is important that you choose the correct foundation that complements your skin color so that your makeup does not look out of place. Before Knowing How to Apply Foundation, know the different types of foundations available.

Types of Foundations

  • Liquid Foundation
  • Mineral/Loose Powder
  • Pressed Powder Foundations
  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Oil-Free, Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations
  • Long-Wearing, Matte-Finish Liquid Foundations
  • Cream-to-Powder Compact Foundations
  • Stick Foundations
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Tinted Moisturizers and Sheer Foundations
  • Self-Adjusting Foundations

Match the Foundation to Your Skin Color:

It is important that you choose the correct foundation that matches the color of your skin. And since it is the main base of your entire make up using the right color foundation is necessary. Try out a few shades on your face instead of testing on your hand; see which shade suits you best.

Select The Type Of Foundation:

They come in many forms like, liquids, compact powders, creams, loose powders and aerosols so select your preference. Use the type of foundation that you feel comfortable in and you can easy apply.

Choose Your Tool:

By tools it means the medium used to spread the foundation over your face and neck to get that even tone. You can use a makeup sponge, brush or just your fingers to apply your preferred foundation.

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Prior Preparation:

Before applying foundation prepare your face by first washing with a mild face wash and then apply a moisturizing lotion. Let the lotion set in and after 4-5 minutes apply the foundation.

Apply Your Pre-foundation Make Up:

Foundation is the first makeup that you apply; this is a misconception most of you have and are following. Before foundation application you could put a primer i.e a clear gel that smoothens and lessens imperfection.

Get Those Difficult Areas:

Some dark or uneven areas like blemish, dark circles and acne. These places need extra touch up. With a concealer brush to add the extra amount of foundation to these areas and blend it well.

How to Select the Correct Foundation?

Picking the precise shade of foundation for your skin tone and skin type is very essential. So, always do swatches test before making a choice. Swatch at least two-three shades of foundation that is close to your skin tone and tries them each, on one side of your face to notice the difference. The other thing to consider while picking the foundation is, to appraise the undertone of your skin, whether it’s neutral, cool or warm. Keeping these things in mind, you will definitely get the excellent match for you.

The Perfect Formula for Dry and Oily Skin

If your skin is dry, just layer a liquid based texture over your moisturizer to get a natural result and have the skin feeling happy and comfortable.

And if you have oily skin, oil-free foundations are the perfect selection as they don’t grease during sweat. The formula is created to make sure that the skin does not dry. Because this is oil-free and it lasts for longer hours and provides fresh finishing.

How to Apply Foundation

You Will Require –

    • Moisturizer
    • Primer
    • Concealer
    • A foundation
    • Compact powder
    • Brushes

Step By Step Points To Know How to Apply Foundation

Once you have obtained the correct shade of foundation, it’s all about the accurate makeup application techniques of applying the product properly.
Step 1
Firstly choose the best base. It’s good to start with cleaning and prepping your skin by applying a makeup remover/ cleanser to eliminate the impurities and any makeup left-overs. After cleaning your skin, moisturize it well to acquire a healthy look. It is always best to use your hands when you massage the moisturizer onto the skin as the product enters and works well.

Whether you are applying foundation or tinted moisturizer, ensure to test the product properly for at least 4 days to see how it acts with your skin and even your lifestyle.

Now prepare skin with Primer. As primary is not compulsory but it’s useful on days when you require your makeup to appear extra good.

This is the time for the primer, as it would create your foundation last longer and also works as a base before makeup. In case your skin is oily, you can choose for a primer plus mattifier (2 in 1) as that would help in mattify the skin to a great extent. Initiate with a concealer. Use it with an applicator brush on the parts where you think you require coverage like forehead, under the eye and around the mouth. The concealer will instantly decrease the appearance of discoloration, cover up spots and make your look pretty.

Pro Tip:

There are no particular rules when it comes to makeup, you can apply your concealer before or after using foundation, depending on the strength of the coverage required.

After step 1, do the next steps to know How to Put on Foundation.

Step 2
Now it’s time for the foundation, pick a right brush for the application, you can either choose a flat/fluffy applicator brush or a sponge. Start applying from the middle of the face and bring together it outwards, buff the foundation well into the skin and mix it evenly all over the face. Don’t overlook the neck portion as you don’t desire that your face looks different from your neck.

Pro Tip:

The perfect brush for applying the foundation is the one- duo fibre synthetic brush applying circular movements as it helps to buff the product properly on your skin.

Step 3
It’s fundamental to set your foundation with some powder. Opt for either a loose/pressed powder that works very well for you and gradually brush it overall the face with a fluffy powder brush.

Pro Tip

The application of powder fluctuates for different skin types, if your skin is dry, use powder only where it is needed like the areas that tend to get shiny; for example, the T zone and under the eyes. In case your skin is oily, mainly on the T-zone.

Final Appearance

At last top up the foundation with a compact powder and lipstick, light eye liner and eye shadow. And now you are all set to get going!

The Last Step:
To prevent the foundation from fading of and to avoid the buildup of oil that would make your face shine and look glossy. Apply this translucent matte setting powder over the foundation makeup.

Some More Foundation Tips and Tricks

  • You can apply your foundation as a highlighter to brighten your face by using a lighter shade of foundation at the centre of your face.
  • To make sure that the foundation does not wrinkle into the fine lines on the face, use less quantity of the foundation as more emollient only creates ceases and blemishes the area once you are finished.
  • Use the highlighter before your foundation. It will provide an illusion of having a natural shine from within. Apply the highlighter on the bridge of the forehead, nose and along the cheekbones for a natural boost.
  • To acquire a fresh and natural looking face, moisten the foundation brush with a hydrating spray and then use the foundation with the same. It will make your face look supple.
These magic foundations amazingly smoothens the looks of wrinkles, age stains and lines with a weightless and relaxed coverage.

Learning how to apply foundation can mean the difference between a fully flawless face and an unpolished appearance.