Indian gooseberry or also named as Amla in Hindi is unquestionably a powerhouse of nutrients. The major vitamins and minerals are found in it. They are not only essential to our body’s welfare, but also obligatory to prevent and manage some of the most general and widespread disorders.

If eaten raw, powdered, juiced amla or just added in an array of jams, pickles, dips (chutneys) or spreads – counting Amla in your diet goals gives you a good health.

It is very popular since decades because of its magical and nutritional benefits. Benefits of Amla Juice is countless; it is a healthy drink as it’s a storehouse of vitamin C and other nutrients that give an array of health and beauty benefits. Amla fruit is very renowned and amla juice is also utilized in Ayurvedic medicine. The other names contain ‘Nellikkai’ in Tamil, ‘Usiri Kaya’ in Telugu, ‘Avala’ in Marathi, ‘Nelli’ in Malayalam and ‘Amala’ in Bengali.

Incredible Health Benefits of Amla Juice

Amla juice is a powerful drink to recharge your energy for the remaining day. Being a storehouse of vitamin C and minerals such as iron, it can prevent from multiple diseases and get your health better. Daily intake of this juice gives you the following health benefits:

Relieves Asthma And Bronchitis

Taking Amla juice with honey two times in a day can relieve the complications of asthma and bronchitis. It also mitigates the occurrence of cough, tuberculosis and allergic asthma.

Burns Fat

It is one of the most wanted Benefits of Amla Juice. It can cure fatness by rising protein levels that in turn helps in decreasing unwanted fat. It has the capability to make a positive nitrogen balance. It alleviates the cholesterol levels, so reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Relieves Constipation and Piles

Amla juice is helpful in relieving constipation caused by piles. It also normalizes the bowel movements and treats chronic constipation.

Treatment of Gastric Disorders

It is the perfect treatment for gastric problems and burning sensation in abdomen (hyperchlorhydria). It is also a good cure for dysentery and diarrhea. Besides constipation and piles, it helps keep up healthy liver functions. Amla juice is successful in curing peptic ulcers and acidity. If you have a problem of acidity, you can intake a small amount of amla juice with pure ghee on a daily basis.

Blood Purifier

It acts as a blood purifier through flushing out toxins from the body. Daily intake of this juice purifies your blood and also helps in increasing red blood cell counts and hemoglobin.

Eye Health

Daily intake of amla juice helps in enhancing eyesight and nearsightedness as well as handles the onset of cataract. It also lessens intraocular pressure. It opposes the problem such as itching, reddening and watering of eyes. benefits-of-amla-juice

Beneficial for Heart

This juice is considered a great treatment for heart disorders as it builds the heart muscles strong, so enabling the heart to pump blood without difficulty.

Controls Diabetes

Amla juice if taken with the honey and turmeric powder helps control diabetes.

Efficient for Scurvy and Jaundice

Drinking amla juice in the early morning (empty stomach) protects from jaundice and scurvy.

Gives Relief from Vomiting and Hiccups

Taking this juice with mishri and water 2-3 times in a day helps in easing vomiting and Hiccups problem.

Gives Relief from Pain

Using fresh amla juice on the wounds, cut etc gives relief.

Gives Nourishment to Nerves

It nourishes the nerves and gives relief in the condition of paralytic.

Improves Memory Power

It rejuvenates the brain and perks memory up as it is overloaded with source of vitamin C and antioxidant that increases the creation of neurotransmitter thus improves the mood and brain activity.

Treats Leucorrhoea

It treats the leucorrhoea if used with honey.

Decreases Risk of Gall Bladder Stone

Amla juice helps by preventing the danger of gall bladder stone creation as this mitigates the cholesterol level in bile.

Normalizes Carbohydrate Metabolism

This is affluent in chromium that helps in normalizing the carbohydrate metabolism thus helps the body to react well to the insulin and decreases blood glucose level.

Cooling Agent

Amla juice includes 20 times more vitamin C that an orange juice. This vitamin enhances the tannins which are needed to protect heat and light. Throughout the summer season, this amla juice maintains your skin cool by untwisting heat from the body. This also acts as a guard against radiation by preventing you against the harmful UV rays.

Soothes Inflammation

Swelling in the joints due to arthritis can be reduced by the anti-inflammatory property of amla juice. By decreasing inflammation, it also prevents and relieves the tissues of the digestive tract.

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Oral Health

Regular intake of amla juice averts bad breath and makes your teeth stronger. Gargling with a blend of water and amla juice can give relief from aching mouth ulcers.

Treatment of Insomnia

It’s very effective in treating insomnia. All you need to do is taking fresh amla juice with a blend of thick powder of nutmeg and experience a sound sleeping.

Prevents Cancer

It is loaded in antioxidants, mainly superoxide dismutase (SOD) that protect against the development of free radicals. So, daily intake of this juice helps prevent cancer.

Bone Health

Daily consumption of this juice lowers the osteoclasts, the cells which are responsible to break down the bones.

Other Benefits

Amla juice includes many vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, carotene, iron, calcium and vitamin B complex and hence, is a strong antioxidant. This protects against oxidative strain by reducing free radicals. This fortifies your liver, nourishes your brain, strengthens your lung, enhances your urinary system, enhances muscle tone and balances stomach acids. In fact, according to Ayurveda, daily consumption of amla juice stimulates longevity.

Benefits of Amla Juice for Skin

It works wonders for your skin as it is affluent with vitamin C and many antioxidants. A few of benefits of amla juice  for particularly skin are as follows

Lightens Complexion

The vitamin C and antioxidants exist in amla juice that impart a natural glow and brighten your skin. Taking amla juice with a small amount of honey added to it or using it as a face pack is great for building your complexion brighter and lighter. It also maintains your skin free from marks.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Amla juice keeps the youthful appearance of your skin as it includes a countless antioxidants. Vitamin C acts to maintain your skin young for a long time. So, regular consumption of amla juice delays the consequences of premature ageing like wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots etc.

Treatment of Pigmentation

It is one of the popular benefits of taking amla juice daily, as it offers you a flawless and glowing skin. It mitigates pigmentation and brightens your skin. You can also use amla juice on your face with a cotton pad and clean it after a few minutes. While doing so keep your eyes shut. Doing it daily will reduce the pigmentation and marks.

Tightens and Tones Skin

Reduction in the skin collagen leads your skin tissue to lose its softness and firmness, resulting in loosely skin. As demonstrated earlier, amla juice is loaded with vitamin C that boosts the creation of collagen cells in the skin, therefore creating your skin soft, youthful and supple as well as tightens and tones your skin.

Treatment of Pimples and Acne

It is perfect for the treatment of pimple scars and acne. Using paste, prepared from amla for 10 to 15 minutes will cure the spots as well as reduce the pimples and acne. Moreover, as it’s a natural blood purifier, it battles the microorganisms in the skin, so keeping skin away from infections and acne and pimples as well. Thus, taking amla juice on a daily basis helps to keep your skin flawless and clear.

Exfoliates and Cleanses Skin

It’s an excellent cleanser whether applied or ingested topically. Being a gentle exfoliate, it helps in removing the dead cells. If your skin is extra sensitive, you can mix it with some water before using.

Repairs Damaged Tissues

It has good curing properties because of the presence of vitamin C and many oxidants that can increase speed the broken tissue repair, so giving you with a healthy and clear skin. This also fights the problem of dry and scaly skin.

Benefits of Amla Juice For Hair

It has been considered as a tonic of hair and so amla juice also plays a vital role in building your hair stronger and healthier. It’s an effective natural treatment for multiple hair problems. A number of of its benefits in hair care are follows:

Strengthen Hair

This juice strengthens your hair follicles, so stimulating hair growth. You can use a mixture of amla and lemon juice on your scalp and keep it for 20-30 minutes. Wash your hair with lukewarm water. It will make your hair stronger from roots and make the hair glossy.

Prevents Premature Graying

It’s very beneficial for those people who are suffering from premature graying of hair because it’s loaded in vitamin C and antioxidants that prevent premature graying of hair.

Treatment of Dandruff

Since dandruff is a general problem these days so, taking amla juice is an effective treatment of getting rid of it. Daily consumption of this juice protects from accumulation of dandruff on your scalp.

Gets Better Pigmentation

It helps to get better pigmentation and color of hair and make it thicker and darker. This is used as an effective element in hair dyes and other products of hair care. This is an amazing cure of hair discoloration and graying hair.

Good Conditioner

It acts as an amazing conditioner for rough and dry hair. You can add some amla juice with henna and use it on your hair. It will prevent the drying nature of henna, therefore offering you with healthy and conditioned hair. You can also apply it as a hair bathe to put in extra shine and bounce.

Prevents Hair Problems

Besides making your hair stronger, daily intake of amla juice helps in dealing with many hair problems like split ends, hair loss and frizzy hair. Amla juice provides numerous benefits for your skin, health and hair by improving your body with significant nutrients. This deserves to be integrated in your diet and can be a healthy choice for multiple dietary supplements without the negative effects.

Scalp Cleanser

You can blend amla juice with an egg, take a paste and massage your hair with it. This will mask the smell of eggs and give you silky, shiny and squeaky clean nurtured scalp.

Amla Juice Benefits for Women and Men

Women: Gives Relief from Menstrual Pain

Amla helps the woman by easing the menstrual cramps

Men: Enhances Sperm Count

Amla is affluent in the iron content that has ability to increase hemoglobin and the sperm count that improves the sex life.