Tea is considered to be the national drink of India. It has become an undisputed part of our life and to the more, a habit. People need tea when they wake up, some, before their sleep.

They need tea in the morning. They need tea in afternoon, in evening and at night. Everyone knows about tea but not many know about the other type - green tea.

Originated in China centuries ago, it has been through a long journey to establish itself in the world. There are immense benefits of green tea. It is made out of the leaves of Camellia Sinensis.

From losing weight to curing cancer, more than a medicinal drink, it is a blessing for your health. A small cup of this magical drink makes you stay healthy and live smarter for a longer life. If you wish to live the same, and then browse further and go through its additional benefit.

Here’s a look at the top 13 surprising health benefits of Green tea. It doesn’t matter you are old or a teenage, you must drink it.

Improves Health

Green tea contains polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins that function as powerful antioxidants. These substances protect the cells and molecules from damage.

Many other bioactive compounds present in green tea contains large amount of important nutrients and minerals that are very important for your health.

Makes You Smarter

Apart from the coffee function of keeping you awake, green tea also makes you smart. It contains caffeine not as much as coffee but enough to provide its benefits. Caffeine blocks Adenosine in the brain which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. This helps increase neuron firing within the brain.

benefits-of-green-tea Boosts Up Your Performance

Thermogenic agents present in green tea, also known as fat burners, helps to burn fat quickly thereby, burning more calories than other ways. This helps in generating higher energy levels in your body.

Weight Loss

Consuming the tea along with exercising daily is the perfect remedy for weight loss. As stated above, It contributes a lot in burning down your fat, especially in the abdominal area. However, this is a slow process and it requires long term consumption for the same.

Combats Allergies

Green tea contains a compound, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that is proven to anti allergic. It helps you to stay healthy and not get allergic to the bacteria during the seasons.

Keeps You Secured From Cancer

Studies have shown that consuming green tea on a regular basis may reduce the risk of cancer. This is because of the EGCG presence. It provides a protective layer. It fights the cancer cells, does not let them grow.

Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are the most common neurogenerative diseases. They disable your brain by damaging your thinking and reasoning abilities.

According to the scientists, catechins prevent the risk of these diseases.

Oral Health

Here is another benefit of green tea, your teeth stays healthy forever. The anti-bacterial effects of the tea strengthens your teeth. It reduces bad breath and protects them from any kind of infection.


Green tea metabolizes sugar by sensitizing the cells. It carries out this process through a complex biochemical reaction done by EGCG. This would prevent type I and type II diabetes.

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Cardiovascular Diseases

The most common suffering nowadays. Be it old or young, it has caught a strong hold in all age groups. Heart problems such as diseased vessels, blood clots and other related problems are termed to be cardiovascular diseases.

According to the observational studies carried out in 2015, consumption of a cup of green tea daily lowers 5% risk of death from this disease.

Skin Protection

Green tea also provides an aid from wrinkles and ageing. Along with your sunscreen and glasses, you can also add this to your tools against UV damage. It also prevents tanning, redness and rashes caused due to sun burn.

Stress and Depression

Vitamins and amino acids namely thiamine and theanine found in green tea are known to provide a relaxing and calming effect on your brain which will consequently reduce your stress levels and lets you stay out of depression.

Live Long

Death is inevitable but getting a little more time to live is what everyone desires for. This is the perfect drink. When your body fights all kinds of diseases, improves your health and increases your metabolism then there is no reason for you to die early except for the unforeseen circumstances.

Now you know about the benefits of green tea. But before consuming it, be sure that it is safe for you. Green tea shall be avoided in a few situations.

1. Heart patients, because of the rich amount of caffeine present in it.

2. For breast feeding and pregnant woman

3. Tannin, an element of green tea may reduce the iron absorption from fruits and vegetables. For this, you can add lemon to it.

4. Kidney disease, nervous disorder or plant related allergies, patients shall recommend this from their doctor before consumption

5. Avoid drinking green tea if you are already under some prescription. Only consume after consulting your doctor.