When hanging out comes to our mind, it is only coffee that becomes a perfect companion. Its importance can only be understood by those who are fond of and consume this daily. For some, it’s a basic necessity. They cannot live without it. The number of coffee lovers are no behind tea lovers.

Coffee is another symbol of alertness and concentration. There are various health benefits of it. It boosts up your physical performance, helps you lose weight, fights diseases and helps to keep up your mood and fight depression.

But as it is said, excess of anything is harmful. There are also certain disadvantages of Coffee  that must be read by coffee lovers.

Disadvantages of Coffee You Must Know

1.   Drink Quality

Bad quality coffee contains lot of impurities causing health issues like headache, sickness and other discomfort. Avoid drinking coffee whose beans have been ripped or otherwise ruined. This can make your coffee toxic. Consuming high quality coffee will save you from this.

2.   Say No in Pregnancy

Pregnant women shall avoid coffee during pregnancy. Caffeine is highly sensitive for your child. It creates a negative effect on fetus. You may even suffer abortion. If you are very much addicted, then limit it to one cup in a day but first try to avoid it.

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3.   Cholesterol

Coffee, specially unfiltered increases cholesterol levels for some. Cafestol and Kahweol are two cholesterol raising substances present in unfiltered coffee. Again limit your coffee intake, if you have high cholesterol but first try to consume filtered coffee.

4.   Avoid Excess Of It

Excess coffee intake such as 4 cups a day cave heavily impact people with sensitive health. There may also be cases of arthritis, nervousness and anxiety.


5.   Disturbs Sleep

Coffee disturbs sleep at night. Caffeine takes 8 hours to process in the body. You may make it your morning ritual but consuming before sleep is not a good idea.

6.   Dehydration

Caffeine increases urine production. Try to drink water or other non caffeine beverages in order to stay hydrated.

7.   Insomnia and Restlessness

Another disadvantage of coffee is feeling Insomnia. It is highly recommended that maximum amount of caffeine consumption in a day is 400 milligrams i.e. roughly 4 cups. Failing to do this can cause insomnia and restlessness especially when you are sensitive to it or have a small body size. You may also check the amount of consumption that is safe for you, in your DNA report.

8.   Bed Wetting for Kids

Caffeine increases urine production as stated above but may have much adverse impacts on children.


Coffee is definitely a love for everyone but not a compulsory food for your health and well being. Its impact varies from person to person. However, if you decide to do so, keep the above points in mind. Also,

·   Ensure that you are drinking a quality coffee above everything

·   Have organic coffee

·   Prefer between meals

·  Opt for glass or ceramic cups

·  Skip sugar

·  Have black coffee rather than milky one

We always wish you great health. Ask us your queries and comment below on what’s your take on this.