Kissing is a way to express your affection and love towards that someone special for you. That moment let your mind free from any worries and tensions and gives you an amazing feeling. You will be amazed to know that apart from giving you a pleasure for a moment, this few seconds job can do wonders for your good health. Yes, kissing is actually beneficial for your health!

Several studies from around the globe have proved that kissing is not only that turns you up or isn’t merely a way to connect yourself with your loved ones but is a fantastic health booster. Considering various studies and researches on kissing one thing is sure and that is a few kiss in a day will definitely keep your doctor away.

 Innumerable Health Benefits of Kissing

A Pain Reliever –

Why to take pain killer pills if kisses can be your pain reliever. So, replace those pain killers with kisses and bid a goodbye to your slight back aches and neck pains after the long hectic day. When you kiss, natural chemicals called endorphins are released in the body that are even more powerful than narcotic morphine in helping you to get out of the pain.

Boosts Immunity –

Kissing is good when it comes to increasing the immunity. You kiss; you exchange the spit and thus exchanging the germs and viruses. This acts as a natural vaccination that is capable of preventing you from illnesses. While kissing when your body comes in contacts with the germs of some others body then it makes antibodies against those germs that not only enhances your immunity but also keeps you safe from several illnesses.

Though there are a lot of benefits of kissing but in some cases you have to cautious too as you exchange saliva along with that you also exchange several diseases and allergies that can be dangerous.

It is a Great Stress Buster –

Kiss is the best solution to reduce the stress and keep you relaxed. That moment when you are kissing your mind stop wandering and it becomes free from the chaos of the outside world. The body feels relaxed and thus flushes out all the stress away. A kiss is capable lowering down the stress as it decreases the stress hormones present in the body. Not only this, but kissing also fuels up the mind and keeps you calm.

Good For Skin –

You will be amazed to know that about 34 muscles and 112 postural muscles are involved in the process of kissing. What else are you looking for? Keeping your skin beautiful and toned is one of the many benefits of kissing. Kissing not only keeps you skin toned but it also prevents wrinkles thus making you look younger all the time.

Elevates The Mood –

Kissing lifts up your mood and have the power of healing you emotionally.  The chemicals and molecules that are released from your body while you kiss freshens you up and pull out the tensions and emotions that are keeping you worried. So how about fixing up your bad mood with a kiss?

Good To Burn Calories –

Isn’t it fantastic to know that kisses can even burn the calories out of you. The kiss definitely makes your heart pump faster and when the heart beats at faster rate it releases adrenaline and the increased adrenaline is responsible for increasing the metabolism. The boost in metabolism assists in burning the calories.

According to a study done by Dr. Alexander DeWees illustrated that “a passionate kiss, lasting about twenty seconds can burn up to 2-3 calories per minute.” This is probably the most easiest and pleasurable way to burn the calories!


Can Be A Life Enhancer –

Though not for ladies out there, but definably men can take another advantage by kissing their sweethearts. Yes, a goodbye kiss to your sweetie can probably enhance your life for almost five years. As per a study it is revealed that a kiss can add up to the years of a men’s life. So ladies, this one is not the same for you but no worries, as kisses defiantly have several other advantages for you.

Liberates Happy Hormones –

Along with keeping you relaxed and calm the benefits of kissing also includes keeping you happy. While kissing your mind releases chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin and these are the chemicals responsible to make you feel good and happy. While cheering you up, kisses can do wonders when it comes to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

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Heartier Heart –

There are several benefits of kissing and keeping your heart healthy is one of them. A kiss can maintain the level of cholesterol and blood pressure in your body. Through a study performed over married couples it is revealed that the increased number of kisses can also increase the mutual understanding between the couple. The couples who kiss often are found to be less stressed thus reducing the chance of heart attacks as stress is one of the major causes of several heart diseases. It lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol level that alleviates the overall cardiovascular system.

A Better Way to Prevent Cavities –

It is quite interesting to know that how a few frequent kisses in a day can be beneficial to you and save you from visiting your dentist for the problems like cavity. The saliva produced while kissing is capable of removing the damage causing bacteria. A kiss can save you from the bacteria that cause oral problems like cavities, plaque, bad breathing or tooth decay.

Great in Reducing Headache And Menstrual Cramps –

Benefits of kissing also includes reducing problems like headache or cramps. Lowering down the blood pressure by expanding your blood vessels, a kiss can be a better way to keep you calm and relaxed. This blood-vessel-dilation is helpful in relieving the pain, specially the pain during headache and or menstrual cramps

Enhances Productivity And Self-Esteem –

Several studies have been conducted on this and the outcome is just amazing. Kisses are not only mood enhancer by they also increases the productivity and self esteem of a person to a greater extent. The people who kiss often are found to more successful and earn more.

After knowing about almost all the amazing benefits of kissing you might have started believing in the fact that kissing not only makes you feel wonderful but it actually does good to keep you physically and mentally sound.