Allergies or allergic diseases happen when immune system of your body is hypersensitive to certain things or substances in the environment that may or may not be harmful to others. The substances causing allergic reactions are allergens.It’s important to manage your allergy and avoiding the allergens is the best way of preventing an allergy.

Several types of allergies exist in the medical world; they may be seasonal, year-round or chronic. Let’s know about them here.

1. Animal (Or Pet) Allergies

Animal or pet allergies occur when your body produces an abnormal immune reaction to substances like proteins in an animal’s hair, skin cells, fur, saliva or urine. Playing or petting with a dogs, cat or some other animal may cause wheezing, sneezing or runny nose in people allergic to these animals as they produce certain allergens.

2. Food Allergies

Some people experience an unpleasant immune system reaction after eating a certain food. Swollen trachea, rashes, itching, nausea and digestion disorders are usually observed in those with food allergies. Mild to severe, some of the allergies may resolve with age (for example, allergies related to milk, eggs and soy) while some may not (for example, allergies related to nuts and shellfish).

3. Respiratory Allergies

The respiratory allergies include a host of allergies such as winter/fall/summer/springtime allergy, hay fever (or allergic rhinitis), mold allergy, pollen allergy, and dust allergy. Hay fever or seasonal allergy in a person may cause runny nose, sneezing and red, watery & itchy eyes. Mold, pollen and dust allergies are caused due to airborne particles.

4. Drug Allergies

Medications sure do help in treating diseases but they can also have side effects and may cause allergic reactions. Hives, rash, trouble breathing and fever are some of the symptoms seen in people affected by drug allergies.

5. Skin Allergy

Certain substances that come into contact with skin cause skin allergies. Latex allergy is triggered due to some protein found in natural rubber latex. The skin allergies may also be caused due to cosmetics (fragrances and preservatives), insect’s sting, sun (UV rays), nickel and plants like poison, ivy sumac and oak. These allergies usually cause rashes, or swelling and inflammation inside the skin.

Hives (urticaria) and angioedema cause sudden outbreak of swollen, pale red bumps, welts or patches on skin. An insect bite allergy occurs when an sting of an insect (bees, wasp, fire ant, yellow jacket or hornet) causes skin redness and irritation in some people. Eczema or contact dermatitis is a type of skin inflammation that occurs from exposure to allergens or irritants.

6. Eye Allergies

When conjunctiva of eyes turns red, puffy, watery and itchy, a person might have an eye allergy. It may be triggered by indoor allergens (dust mites, mold, pet dander), outdoor allergens (pollens from grass, trees and weeds) and irritants (perfume, diesel exhaust, cigarette smoke).
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