An itchy eye can feel really irritating and uncomfortable. It is mostly common among people who frequently touch or rub their eyes. It is so common that chances are you must have experienced it at some point in your life.

Itchy eyes are usually caused due to dryness in eyes, use of contact lens, eye allergy, improper eye hygiene, certain eye infection and use of expired eye cosmetics. And it is often accompanied by watery eyes, inflamed eyelids, high sensitivity toward light, redness in eyes and burning sensation in the eyes. The problem can aggravate if during allergy season or highly polluted environment.

You get your itchy eyes treated quickly as it may lead to complications if left untreated. Natural home remedies are helpful in providing instant relief but consult a eye care professional if the problem gets severe.

Read on here to know about some of the best and effective natural home remedies you can try to relieve itchy eyes.

1. Rose Water

Using pure rose water can soothe and cool your eyes and help get rid of the itchiness in eyes. As a natural relaxer, it eases strained and tired eyes. It is also good for fading dark circles and puffiness in eyes. You should rinse your eyes with it at least twice a day thoroughly. You can also use them as eye drops for inflamed eye or dip them in cotton balls and place over closed eyes for 15-20 minutes.

2. Cold Compress

Apply cold compresses over the affected eye for quick relief 3-4 times a day. A cool, moist washcloth works wonders in itchy eye. Dryness and irritation are also alleviated with this remedy. The easiest way is soaking a cloth in ice cold water, squeezing it and placing it over the eyes for about 5 minutes.

3. Cucumber & Potato Slices

Cucumber has anti-oxidant as well as anti-irritant properties that helps in reducing inflammation and irritation causing itchy eyes. The best way is to place the slices for 15-20 minutes a day for at least 4-5 times a day. Peeled and sliced raw potatoes also work effectively in reducing itchiness in eyes.

4. Green Or Black Tea Bags

Tea is composed of bioflavonoid that helps in fighting viral and bacterial infections. It is great for reducing eye inflammation. A moist green or black tea bag should be put over eyes for about 5 minutes for 5-6 times a day. Tannic acid in the tea soothes itchy eye.

5. Witch Hazel

A medicinal herb called witch hazel relieves the inflamed and itchy eye. A cotton ball or gauze pad soaked in witch hazel should be compressed over the affected eye. The astringent properties of the herb reduce eye swelling.

6. Castor Oil

Use a sterilized dropper, get 100% pure castor oil sucked into it and add a drop of it into the affected eye. Do this 3 times a day. Swelling and irritation of eye can be reduced with castor oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it great for commercial eye drops.

7. Chamomile

The anti-allergic effects of chamomile tea can also be used as an eyewash or cold compress for relieving itchy eyes. The histamine release is inhibited and it helps in preventing an allergic reaction that leads to itchiness in the eyes.

8. Saline Solution

Consider flushing out your eyes with saline water to relieve itchy eyes. It helps in washing away the debris in eyes and the antibacterial agent ‘salt’ helps kill bacteria.

9. Aloe Vera Juice

The juice of aloe vera extract is truly effective in providing relief to itchy eye. Mix the aloe vera with cold water, soak it in cotton balls and apply it.
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