Diabetes is a metabolic disorder reducing the body’s ability to respond to hormonal insulin, resulting in elevated levels of carbohydrates and glucose in the blood. It is often referred to as diabetes mellitus.

There can be a numerous underlying causes of diabetes depending on the type of diabetes an individual is suffering from. But the most common is the sedentary lifestyle that most people have.

One has to be very cautious when dealing with diabetes as it destroys the beta cells that the pancreas produces. The pancreas secretes insulin and without it, the body will function abnormally or will be unable to process the glucose gained through the diet that an individual takes.

Types of Diabetes

Here are some common types of diabetes that are seen at large.

  • Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 is not as common as type 2 in people. It is caused due to destruction of beta cells produced through pancreas that secretes insulin.

In this case, the pancreas does not produce insulin. So the patient needs to take insulin injections throughout their lives and it is commonly seen in people before the age of 35-40 rather in adulthood or teenage. Hence, it is also called insulin-dependent diabetes or juvenile diabetes or early onset diabetes.

Patients with type 1 diabetes follow a special diet plan which consists more of fibers and less carbohydrates.

  • Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is commonly seen in people with the age group of 40 or above as they get less physically active and put on weight with age. Type 2 diabetes case is different than the type 1.

Here the pancreas does produce the insulin but cannot be utilized by the body cells which results in elevated levels of glucose in the blood. People with obesity and more visceral fat are at risk of type 2 diabetes.

Approximately 90% cases worldwide are of type 2 diabetes. This is not insulin-dependent rather it can be controlled through medicines and by following proper exercise regimen and diet.

  • Gestational Diabetes

It is seen in women during pregnancy as their body does not produces enough insulin which results in progressively higher levels of glucose in the blood. Its diagnosis is made during pregnancy. When this is left uncontrolled or undiagnosed, it can raise complications during the childbirth. However, this condition can be controlled through strict exercise regimen.

It has been observed that people with gestational diabetes have diet with animal fat and cholesterol. So in order to avoid this condition during pregnancy, it has been advised to abstain from non-vegetarian diet.

  • Prediabetes

Prediabetes is a condition which occurs prior to having diabetes where the glucose level is higher than the normal but not as high that it can merit to diabetes.
It has been observed that people with type 2 diabetes have this condition initially. The body becomes resistant to insulin and it damages the circulatory system and the heart.

Complications Associated With Uncontrolled Diabetes

All diabetes are treatable and can be managed through proper lifestyle and if this condition is not treated or controlled adequately, then it can significantly elevate the risks of getting the complications associated with it.

Here is the list of complications linked to uncontrolled diabetes.

  • Eye Complications

80% of blindness is caused due to uncontrolled diabetes. Several other complications associated with it such as glaucoma, cataract, diabetic retinopathy are commonly seen in people with diabetes.

  • Foot Complications

Foot ulcers, corns, neuropathy, gangrene, burns, tingling sensation in foot are seen. And in some of the severe cases, the foot is amputated.

  • Skin Infections

People with diabetes mellitus are more prone to skin infections such as burns in skin, rings, liquiderma, psoriasis and fungus.

  • Heart diseases

People with diabetes need to be extra cautious while dealing with this as the blood supply to the heart muscles is diminished which increases the risk of strokes and attacks.

  • Mental Health

Uncontrolled diabetes can affect the mental health greatly, thereby resulting in anxiety, depression and irritability.

  • Hypertension

People suffering from diabetes must abstain from any kind of stress as this can aggravate the condition and result in hypertension.

  • Neuropathy

It is a nerve damage that leads to several other complications. It injures nerves throughout the body and often damages the nerves in legs and feet.

  • Sexual Dysfunction

Males with diabetes may suffer from erectile dysfunctions leading to male impotence.

  • Gastroparesis

The sugar levels in body shoot up too high that the muscles of the stomach stop working properly, eventually leading to disturbance in digestive system and reducing the ability to digest food.

  • Slow Healing

Uncontrolled diabetes damages the cells and lowers down the immunity which ultimately slows down the process of healing of wounds.

Remedies To Control Diabetes

Although diabetes comes with a lot of complications but this can be controlled with proper diet and leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are certain remedies that can be followed to control it.

  • Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly can really help in lowering the blood sugar level and leading a healthy life.

  • Follow Low Carb Diet

Adequate diet with more fibers and less carbohydrates can really help in controlling the blood sugar levels.

  • Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated can help in controlling the glucose level in the blood, thus reducing the risks and complications associated with it.

  • Control Stress Level

If you are suffering from this, then keep all the unwanted thoughts and stress at bay to lead a healthy life.

  • Monitor Glucose Level

It is necessary to monitor glucose level in the body when dealing with diabetes as this would help you know the exact pattern of your blood sugar levels when it is a little elevated or low during the day.

  • Regular Medicines and Checkups

It is a must for diabetics to get regular checkups and medicines from the physician to get rid of the complications associated with it.

  • Chart Your Progress

When you start working on your body and get regular treatment, this gives you a reason to be happy. It helps you stay motivated. Don’t forget to chart your progress when the transformation takes place.

So stay healthy with these pearls of wisdom and enjoy your life.