Marriage is a very critical social tradition. Everyone wants to have a perfect partner, but the criteria for selecting the partner is differ. In love marriages, everyone prefer to select their partners on their own, while in case of arrange marriages, someone prefers partners selected by their family or parents.

Marriage is a lifetime obligation. A couple binds a knot in their customary way, promising to live the whole life with each other. As love marriage and arrange marriage have various pros and cons. For few, love marriages are brilliant and for few, arrange marriage is beneficial for the pair as well as the family. Everybody should be aware of the advantages of an arranged marriage but what about love marriage? There is always a constant debate on Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage.

Nowadays it has become one of the hot topics, that which one is better? Though there are a lot of answers, but, you can’t say that one is superior to the other or one is good and one is bad.

Though it’s true that every marriage is created in heaven, but it stayed on the earth.

Let’s Understand Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage

Pros of Love Marriage

You Know Each Other

While you are in love with each other, you know your spouse well. By the time, you make a decision to get married; you aware about the good and bad qualities, likes, dislikes, expectations and requirements of your partner. You can easily adjust with her/his behavior and nature accordingly. If you understand your spouse properly then it’s very simple for you to adjust all kinds of conflict between both of you. Whereas in an arranged marriage, you don’t understand the person with whom you are deciding to spend your entire life.

Strong Bonding With Emotions

Love appears true and includes a lot of emotions and feelings in love marriage. They never make force to love each other; it naturally comes from their heart. There is a strong relation of love existing in their life. They can simply share their secrets with the partner without any fear.

You Choose

In love marriage, you opt for someone you like. There is no parental pressure (if they agree) to choose a partner for lifetime. It’s one of the benefits of love marriage as you choose your life partner with your own wish and will.


When difficulties come in their marriage life, one partner can simply solve this problem with the help of another partner.

There Is an Understanding Before

Both of you build understanding while dating and trying to know each other.  This bonding helps you to become compatible with your spouse. It also stimulates you about the stage of adjustment needed after marriage. A benefit to get ready mentally as you know the spouse is very well.

Free From Social Obstacles

Love marriage releases all types of obstacles between two partners. There is no significance of obstacles like religion, caste, money, kundli etc. They enjoy their life freely. Couple can get rid of social evil such as dowry with their mutual understanding because they have the freedom to take such decisions at their own level.

Family Bonding

In an arranged marriage, you don’t understand your partner well before tying the knot. Also the families have recently gelled with each other when perform this social duty. Whereas, in a love marriage, your families know each other and you make a good relationship with each other’s family and it helps in tying well with in-laws before wedding. You come to know regarding the family that will be yours forever. You can then decide accordingly.

Liable Of the Blame in Future Lies

Couple is responsible for its selection and take liability of the blame in future lies on the couple only and no one else.

Save Unnecessary Expenses

The society of the excessive spending money can be restricted by the understanding between the couple.

These are some benefits of love marriage. As stated earlier, it has some disadvantages also. After knowing all the factors decide which one is better Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

Cons of Love Marriage

  • This kind of marriage is depended on attraction and when this attraction goes away then it may end the relation between two partners.
  • If you planned for love marriage then there is no family support for your future life. Both of you become alone. By any means your parents is not going to agree for your marriage.
  • When compared to arrange marriage, the chances of divorce are much higher in love marriage.
  • Your partner can take you for granted in love marriage.
  • After marriage they may be change in their nature and behavior. This factor can be known only after marriage. But, this is too late for both the partners to move out of this relation.
For a happy married life, you have to compromise less, understand more to each other and more crucially value for each others’ space.

In the sequence of Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage, now understand the pros and cons of arrange marriage.

Pros of Arranged Marriage

Ensures a Future

People who are tied in an arranged marriage don’t have to worry about the dating whole world or waiting for the “one”. It takes a lot of anxiety and stress out of life. There is no pressure and stress of finding someone to settle and live your life with because they know that they are assured about someone to live their life with.

It’s a Family Affair

The families of both the spouses are deeply included in the process of selecting a partner for their family member. It means that this process strengthens the bond between the two families and also a relationship with each.

Understand Expectations

In arrange marriage, each knows the expectations for the other. A woman understands if her husband anticipates her to know how to make food, or if he expects her to be a working lady.

Same Values

Your parents will select your partner very carefully. They will ensure it’s someone who matches your own values and beliefs to ensure compatibility.

Close To Your Family Roots

Arrange marriage may make you feel greatly closer to your culture and your family. These marriages are highly renowned and traditional.


With two parents of same religion, culture and background, your children will grow up engrossed in theirs. You don’t have to worry about disputing things or views like that they will discuss ahead of time.

Cons Of Arranged Marriage

Wedding Blues

You may feel like your marriage is not your own. You don’t know the individual you are marrying nor their family. It’s totally done by the families.

Dating Devoid

Dating is totally taken out of the question when you have an arranged marriage. You don’t get the chance to figure out what you like and don’t like in a partner.

Placing Blame

If any problem arises in marital life then the parents are often the first to be responsible. Especially if the marriage consequences make a divorce, the family is insulted because it’s thought as their fault.

Family Ties

It is expected that your family will be highly involved in your life. It involves your married life that can cause problems between couple.

Waiting for Love

Love takes a long time to grow. When two individuals are thrown into a wedding that isn’t rooted on the foundation of love, this may take some time for these feeling to grow. It can cause depression, misery and even divorce.

No Diversity

Arrange marriage targets on keeping culture and tradition alive. It sadly means that they don’t isolate from their cultural background.

Identity Loss

People may get themselves changing what they love or who they are in order to fit into their partners or family’s ideals. It can be very harmful.

Both marriages as Love Marriage vs. Arranged Marriage have their merits and demerits and marriage is a decision of lifetime. Though families are included in most of the marriages, it’s only the couple who has to live together for lifetime. So the decision to select the life-partner must be left to the individuals. Ultimately, nobody can declare the best way for the perfect marriage life.