A healthy lifestyle is not an easy task and fitness training is even tougher without a guide who have all the knowledge that would push you towards the right form of exercises and diet.

PTs Can Provide That Much Needed Mental Boost Just To Show Up At The Gym

Most of us, after long day of routine jobs face a mental battle of going or not going to the gym. With a Personal Trainer the mental battle becomes a little more beatable. If you’ve subscribed to a personal trainer, and you’ve committed to turning up, your behaviour tends to follow your intentions! So just simply subscribing to a Personal Trainer can be enough to motivate you into showing up, and once you’re in the gym, no matter how slow you go, you are still a step ahead of those people at home on the couch!

They Have Everything Personalized And Planned Out For You

Did you ever go to the gym and think to yourself ‘I don’t know what I’m doing!’. If you don’t plan your workout, the chances are, you’re not going to have a good workout. This is where Personal Trainers step in. A good PT will have your session planned out for you, and it won’t be any old plan that they’ve found off the internet, it will be an exercise plan that makes sense to your life!

It’s Hard To Push Yourself Beyond Your Limits, PTs Can Do That For You

When you’re training by yourself, even if you have a concrete plan in mind, it can be hard to say to yourself- ‘time to take this stuff to the next level’ and then follow that up with doing 30 burpees then 20 leg raises until failure! You would have to be highly motivated and very strong-willed to do this. A Personal Trainer on the other hand, will turn your workout up a gear or two! With exercising at a much higher intensity, you’ll burn more calories in a shorter space of time.

Correct Form Is More Important Than Escalating Weights

It’s not about counting the amount of weight you lift, it’s about making the amount of weight you lift count! Form is really important, incorrect form puts you at risk of getting injury, and worse it can even hinder your progress in making gainz!

Training videos from the internet can come in handy, but where a Personal Trainer really comes in handy is that they can give you that feedback while you are performing the exercise, and make noticeable adjustments to your lifts.