Being a mother for the first time or you’ve already experienced pregnancy before, the feeling is always beautiful. A lot of mothers-to-be wonder during the early days of their pregnancy that there could be chances of having twin babies.

If you have been through pregnancy before than you can easily identify the twin pregnancy symptoms. You can compare the sign and symptoms of your current pregnancy with your previous pregnancy and it will be very easy for you to distinguish between the two. If there is a possibility of having twin babies then the abdominal size and weight gain will be apparently more when compared to your previous pregnancies.

Although the twin pregnancy symptoms may vary from women to women but there are still a few signs that are common among the mothers of twin or multiple babies. Following are the signs and symptoms that can be experienced during twin or multiple pregnancies.

Signs And Symptoms That Can Be Experienced

Uterus Grows Faster –

The size of the uterus of a mother who is expecting twin babies seems to grow faster than the expected duration.

Weight Increases Rapidly –

There is a huge difference in the weight gain of a mother who is expecting twin babies and the mother who is expecting a single baby. The mother of twins usually gains the weight of fifteen to twenty-five pounds while the mother who is expecting single baby gains only ten to twenty pounds.

Excessive Fatigue and Exhaustion –

Feeling exhausted and tired is one of the several twin pregnancy symptoms. Carrying and nurturing one baby is itself a tough task that makes your body feel tired then carrying two or more babies can be even more difficult. You may experience excessive fatigue, exhaustion and lack of energy being a mother of twin baby.

Overstressed Pregnancy Symptoms –

During the time of twin pregnancy, mothers may experience varied symptoms. The twin pregnancy symptoms are magnified in comparison to singleton pregnancy symptom

Water Retention May be More –

The water retention in the mother of twin babies is found to be more when compared with the mother of single babies. twin-pregnancy-symptoms

Morning Sickness That is More Severe –

Morning sickness is a common problem faced by most of the pregnant mothers but it is found to be more severe in case of twin or multiple babies. There may be chances of severe vomiting in such cases you should immediately consult a doctor.

More Than One Heart Beat Detected –

This is one of the most important twin pregnancy symptoms for the mothers who are expecting twin or multiple babies. Though it depends upon the position of the babies but a practitioner can easily identify the two or more independent heartbeats. The heartbeat of a single baby can be felt at different locations but there is a slight variation in the pattern of heart of heart beats in case of twin babies.

Increased Number of Ultrasound –

Ultrasounds are frequently required in case of twin pregnancy. Ultrasound is the most appropriate option to figure out any problem with the babies. Through ultrasound it becomes clear that the twin babies are developing in different sacs or in the same sac. If they both are in same sac then there are chances of more complexities and risks. There may be a slight difference in the size of the two babies and ultrasound is the better way to find it out.

Chances of Premature Labor –

Researches show that 60% of total twins are born premature. So having premature labor is one the common twin pregnancy symptoms. Anything less than 37 weeks is said to pre-mature and most of the twin babies are delivered in 34 weeks. In this situation the babies possess less risk of having any long term problem.

The babies that are born even before 34 weeks or even before completing the 32 weeks are in the danger zone and have more risk of permanent disabilities, metal retardations and other such problems. The various signs that a premature labor includes menstrual pains, cramps and contractions, increased lower back pain, vaginal bleeding or vaginal pressure. It is suggested to see a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

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Body Pain and Dizziness –

Being a mother of two and carrying twin babies with you is not an easy thing and in such condition having excessive body pain or dizziness is quite obvious. Visiting your doctor can be a good idea if it becomes unbearable.

Intense Food Cravings –

Having food cravings is something very common for a pregnant woman but when you are expecting twins then these food cravings become even more intense.

After knowing about the various twin pregnancy symptoms this is your turn to have a look at a few tips that may turn out to helpful of you are expecting twin babies –

Importance of Bed Rest –

The doctors may ask pregnant mother with twin babies to go for bed rest. There are a few pregnant mums who can carry twins without any bed rest but in most of the cases the mothers-to-be will be asked to take bed rest. This is because you should take your pregnancy as long as possible and reduce the chance of premature delivery. Premature babies are more likely to have health complications that may last longer or all through their life.

Give Up The Idea of Losing Weight –

Losing weight during twin pregnancy can be a bad idea. The recommended weight for a women (for average size women) who is expecting twin babies should be somewhere between 35-45 pounds. The mothers with less weight possess more chances of having babies of smaller size.
Take regular appointments with a doctor who is experienced in twin pregnancy. You should also contact a dietician who can provide you with the diet chart that has all the important nutrients that a pregnant mother of twin babies requires.</li>

Read more books that can help you in knowing about twins. You can also join twin class to prepare yourself for twin babies. Talk to the mothers of twins and do everything to understand how to deal with twin pregnancy symptoms and twin babies.</li>

There is nothing to worry about if you are experiencing twin pregnancy symptoms because there is not much difference in singleton and twin pregnancies. In case of twin pregnancy the symptoms becomes more intense.