Whether most of the global population is possessed with losing weight, there are some people for whom gaining weight is a big challenge. People with a skinny and weak body structure or fast metabolism can get it tough to gain body weight and for such persons, even a few pounds may bring about a big difference.

People with very low body weight can suffer from many health issues such as organ damage, bone density and lack of menstruation in women. Every person wants to know How to Gain Weight? Persons recovering from eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia can also gain weight in a healthy way by involving some natural food diet and some light Weight Gain Exercise.

Top 8 Weight Gain Exercises To Gain Weight Quickly

Skinny people may be girls or boys can transform their overall appearance and get attractive and shapely physique by adding these foods with some effective exercises. Here are some easy exercises to gain weight at home without applying any complicated process or any piece of equipment. The excellent thing is that these exercises can be practiced by both men and women.


Squats are one of the easiest exercises which are often involved in the perfect calisthenics workout routine for strengthening and toning the lower body. It can be done by both men and women for toning thighs, hips, calves and glutes. Once you become master in the simple squat form, you can get progress to more difficult versions by including weights in order to obtain better results.

This is one of the efficient exercises to gain weight for women that help in providing a rounded back and well-shaped body and in case of men; it helps to build up strong and power-packed legs.

Stand with your feet kept shoulder-width apart and lift your arms up in front of you or bind them behind your head. Now, lower your body through pushing your hips back and turning the knees. Look ahead in front placing your chest up and back flat. Squat down as down as you can and then pop up to the beginning pose by pushing by the heels.

Push Ups

It is one of the excellent Muscle Building Workouts for upper arms which help to avoid love handles and developed toned, ripped and strong arms. It also helps in strengthening the shoulders, chest, core muscles and triceps and is considered a full muscle-building exercise which can be practiced by both men and women. In case of women, it helps in growing toned and strong arms without stimulating huge biceps and triceps and in the case of men, it helps to bulk by skinny arms in an effective manner.

Keep your arms on the floor, hands put slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Lower down your chest till it almost touches the ground, squeeze your glutes and put your abs tight as you lower your body and then lift it up with the help of your arms. Place your elbows close to the sides of your body.

Walking Lunges

It is the perfect strength training exercises for both men and women that help to bulk up and increase muscle mass in the lower body. You can do either standing lungs or choose a more advanced version named the walking lunges. You can raise the difficulty level of this exercise by involving free weights like dumbbells.

Being in a standing pose with placing your feet hip-width apart, now take a large step forward and turn your knee at 90 degrees. Continue to move ahead till you are felt fatigue. It is definitely one of the perfect leg exercises to bulk up.

Tricep Dips

It is yet another simple arm and back Weight Gain Exercise that helps in toning the back muscles. This is one of the easiest exercises to gain weight for women and help in developing an attractive and curvy figure. In the case of men, it helps to tone up the hips, triceps, calves, back muscles and glutes. These exercises can be practiced by using one’s own body weight.

Sit at the corner of a chair or bench and clasp the edges with your hands. Now, come ahead, move out from the seat and lower your butt to the ground and keep the pose by putting the pressure on the heels of your hands and then come back to the sitting pose. Repeat 2-3 sets of this exercise for better results.



It is intended especially for men. It helps to develop chiseled shoulders and ripped arms and convert the skinny frame into an appealing and attractive one in very few amounts of time. You only need to be consistent and continue to practice 10-15 reps on workout days to get best results.

Grasp a pull-up bar with both hands using an overhand grip. Put your hands shoulder-width apart and allow your body hand freely. Now, pull yourself up with the assistance of your arms till the chin crosses over the bar and then lower down your body back to the initial pose. Once you become a master, the classic pull-up you can enhance the difficulty level by involving weights.


It is the best Weight Gain Exercise to eliminate belly fat which also helps in increasing core strength and improve lean muscle mass and give an attractive mid-section. This can be done safely by both men and women without stimulating the formation of 6 packs in case of female.

Lie flat on the mat with your knees turned and feet kept flat on the ground. Cross the arms in front of the chest and raise your torso up to the ceiling by using the belly muscles put then contracted. Stop at the peak pose and slowly lower your upper body to the mat while inhaling using a controlled movement.

Clean and Press

It’s yet another muscle building exercise than is proposed especially for men. It helps to work out the whole body and increase the development of lean muscle mass.

Keep a barbell on the ground in front of your feet and lean down to hold the bar and keeping your hands shoulder-width apart. Now stand up on the balls of your feet and lift the bar to the chest level. Flick your wrists over so that your palms face the ceiling and push the bar overhead. Reverse the movement and return the barbell to the ground.

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Running or Brisk Walking

It is the final exercise in the list which does not need any equipment, all one requires is a pair of running shoes. Targeting on cardio can make remarkable changes in the body and increase lean muscle mass naturally. Being regularly by going for short walking and gradually enhances the speed and intensity of the walks till you can run at a light pace.

It may take some time and you need to be consistent and patient. Remember to draw your navel to your core when you do cardio exercise such as walking or running in order to have enhanced strength.

Where one side maximum people are worried to lose weight, there are also some people who are passionate about gaining weight.

So, now you have some idea about Weight Gain Exercise, you need to do to gain weight in a healthy way. Being underweight can cause many health issues especially for women like decreased muscle mass, weakened immune system, unhealthy nails, skin and hair, inability to menstruate and weakened bones.

Weight Gain Exercise helps to gain weight and maintain healthy lifestyle that can reduce the probability of these health problems.