Who doesn’t like a good swim, especially during scorching summers! Swimming may seem like a simple recreational activity but it can actually tire you out as the energy of your whole body gets used up. Not just that, it is also a great workout for body and keeps ou fit and healthy.

Swimming, as a competitive sport, can involve training with a blend of endurance and spring training. The competition races range for about 15-20 seconds and contain multiple heats throughout the day.

What to eat before the swimming will depend on whether the swimming is done or recreational basis or on a competitive level. The food to be eaten before swimming impacts the energy levels and athletic performance. Body type of an individual also has an influence on the kind of food you must be eating before taking a swim.

The foods taken before swim help when an individual feels tired, hungry and has cramps. Also, it’s important to avoid eating anything just before entering the water to let the digestive system assimilate the food properly.

Let’s dive in to know which foods are right to fuel the body for training and are perfect for consumption before taking the dive into the water in the swim meet.

1. Easy-To-Digest Foods

The easily digestible foods should be eaten, especially when prepping up for a swim meet. These foods include steamed veggies and fruits. Breads and heavy grains must be avoided. Some of the other easy-to-digest foods are lean proteins such as fish, lean red meat and low-fat dairy products that provide the body enough fuel. Fiber takes long to get digested and so it’s best to avoid foods rich in it.

2. Low-Fat Foods

Despite the fact that you burn fat while swimming, it is highly recommended to not eat foods that are high in fat content right before swimming. That’s because your stomach will find it hard to assimilate and digest it and you may have indigestion problems. If you will take a balanced diet, your body will be storing glucose. This stored glucose can be used to fuel your body while swimming and can be replenished after that.

3. Fluids

If you become or feel dehydrated at the time of swimming, have a smoothie or soup. They not only aid in dehydration but also fill you up without leaving you feeling slow and heavy. An easy meal replacement, they are also helpful in losing weight.

As a solid food alternative, smoothies nourish your body provide the essential vitamins and minerals needed before swim. They are also easy on your digestive tract. The smoothies can contain juices, water and nut milks. Adding protein powder and different foods provide you a mix of carbs as well as proteins.

4. Protein-Rich Foods

Protein is really crucial for your daily functioning as it helps in improving muscle repair. Before a swim meet, the energy-giving protein food will give you high levels of strength. Protein foods like beans, nuts, eggs, low-fat cheese, spinach and lean meats keep you hair beautiful.

5. Snack Bars

If you feel starved and the time for you to swim nears, reach out for a snack bar. Choose the bar that is low in sugar and also keep a check on amount of other ingredients in this healthy bar.

These nutritional bars have a perfect combination of carbs, proteins and fats. It fills you up and provides the nutrients needed for fuelling up your swim.

6. Whole Grain Carb Foods

The whole wheat pasta, brown rice and bread make you feeling fuller and provide a lasting energy for swimming. They are rich in fibre and aid in digestion. Some very important minerals like phosphorus and manganese are obtained in it. Phosphorus is a mineral that is essential for forming bones and teeth. And, manganese helps in changing food into energy and also maintains a strong immune system as well as regulates body temperature. Some of the great sources of whole grain foods include quinoa, millet, brown rice, and oats .

7. Fruits

You might be aware that fruits are packed with tons of vitamins and help in keeping your body hydrated during the swim meet. The risk of chronic disease is reduced and digestion also becomes better. You should be having bananas for potassium, apples for fiber, berries for antioxidants, and oranges for vitamin C.

Besides knowing what to eat, you should also be aware of what NOT to eat before a swim. That’s because it’s equally important and can prevent you from any kind of health complications. Fatty and oily foods must be avoided in order to prevent indigestion.

Moreover, avoid drinking any sugary drinks such as soda. While you may experience a quick spike in energy, you will not have any other benefits from it. Your body will spend too much of energy in processing the junk food rather than focusing on your athletic activity.
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