BALi diet, which is the short name for the Basic Antioxidant/Antifungal Low Insulin diet, was developed by a former Texas physician named Roby Mitchell, MD (also known as Dr. Fitt).

Dr. Mitchell claims that medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease can be cured with an ideal diet like this one. And his philosophy is, "You'll never medicate your way out of diseases, you behave yourself into." Although, it’s advisable to see a doctor and not self-treat any medical condition.

Now, here we’ll know about the four fundamental goals, what to avoid and what to include in this diet plan. Also, we’ll take a look at what a typical BALi diet plan for the day looks like, from breakfast and snacks to lunch and dinner. We have also talked about the health benefits and downsides of this plan to help you decide whether it’s right for you or not.

The Four Fundamental Goals of BALi Diet Plan

BALi food plan has these 4 principles or fundamental goals:

  • Making blood more alkaline (or basic) rather than acidic, thereby reducing the pH levels. This, as a result, will prevent the development of certain diseases.

  • Controlling levels of Candida (naturally occurring yeast) in the body by minimizing yeast and sugar intake that are major causes of inflammation.

  • Aiding regulation of insulin levels that play a role in weight gain, diabetes control, and other metabolic conditions.

  • Boosting the intake of antioxidants that can help in inhibiting free radical damage caused to DNA and cellular tissues. These form the basis for aging as well as several chronic conditions.

What to Avoid in This Diet Plan?

In order to do this, Dr. Mitchell says that you should avoid all kinds of sugar, iodized salts, refined grains, yeast, wheat, canned or processed foods, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, and regular daily products. This includes pasta, corn, rice, bread, and desserts.

What Does One Complete Day’s BALi Diet Meal Look Like?

Acceptable food items are extensive on the BALi food list. Your BALi meal will primarily comprise fresh and frozen veggies, organic and unpeeled fruits, grass fed-meat (without any added hormones), raw unsalted nuts, beans, seeds, free-range poultry, plant milk, yogurt, low-mercury seafood, and organic raw goat cheese.

Typically, the day of a person on a BALi diet starts with a breakfast meal consisting of steel-cut or regular rolled oats prepared with almond milk or raw yogurt mixed with blueberries or blackberries or sprouted bread with raw nut butter.

For the lunch, a sandwich prepared from free-range turkey/chicken breast served along with fresh green salad and sprouted grain bread. Another option is a tuna spinach salad with olive oil dressing.

The dinner may have grilled fish like halibut, wild-caught tuna, or salmon or grilled steak with rosemary accompanied by organic lentil soup, roasted fresh vegetables. It is recommended that the meat must be marinated in dark beer, red wine, or a mixture containing rosemary at first as this will prevent the risk of having cancer.

For snacks that can be taken throughout the day, you can choose to have fresh fruits, raw unsalted nuts and sunflower seeds, or raw vegetable sticks.

This eating plan also encourages using herbs and spices for enhancing the taste and eating experience. Make sure that you use cayenne, cinnamon, garlic, rosemary, turmeric, and other condiments as and when possible. Moreover, the BALi diet can also be made vegetarian or vegan.

What are Its Potential Health Benefits?

If you’re following a high-cal diet that is usually high in cholesterol, fat, added sugars, and sodium, then you will most likely lose weight (though that’s not the primary goal) after switching to the BALi diet plan. When you eat more fruits and vegetables and less sodium, sugar, refined grains, canned and processed foods, saturated fat, and trans fats, your chances of developing a chronic disease increase.

Dr. Mitchell (or Dr. Fitt) says that this diet plan can help individuals in overcoming chronic conditions such as stroke, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, osteoporosis diabetes, digestive orders, and high blood pressure. It may also help in the management of the signs and symptoms if you’ve already been diagnosed with some chronic disease. The foods that follow the four principles of the BALi diet can help in restoring balance to the body and promoting its self-healing ability.

What is the Possible Downside?

According to a registered dietitian Leslie Beck, research does not suggest that foods have the ability to bring a substantial change to your body’s pH or that this could prevent the development of diseases. Moreover, the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) does not identify the overgrowth of candida yeast as a proven medical issue and doesn’t endorse diets such as BALi diets which claim of reducing candida.

Furthermore, the raw dairy products that are recommended on the BALi diet plan may pose threat to the health of children, elderly and pregnant women, and individuals who have certain medical issues. Avoiding medications and self-curing serious medical conditions using the BALi diet can compromise your health.

So is BALi Eating Plan Right for You? You Decide!

As goes with any diet or eating plan, the BALi plan also has both pros and cons. There’s uncertainty as to how much impact does diet change has on pH levels. It appears to be negligible so this goal may not be practical for people who follow the diet. However, it can prove beneficial for you considering other fundamental goals of the BALi diet plan.

And as mentioned before, the intake of raw dairy products is not recommended if you are a child, elderly, pregnant woman, or have a chronic disease. Yet another problem with it is that the BALi diet has not been thoroughly studied well and verified by experts. That is why the pros and cons of following this eating program are not really clear.

So when you are thinking about improving your diet, you may look at the dietary approach of the BALi diet plan but don’t blindly follow it. Do reach out to a doctor or an expert whether it would go with your lifestyle needs or not and then decide if it is the right choice.
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