You will be amazed to know that capsicums, also known as Bell peppers or sweet peppers are packed up with unbelievable health benefits.  Available in different colours like yellow, green, red, purple etc. these capsicums are easy to grow and maintain and do not require any specific climatic conditions for them to grow.

The history of bell pepper says that these were grown around 900 years back in America (central and south America) and the name pepper also came from America. Although, these bell peppers are available in the market all through the year but they are mostly a summer vegetable and tastes best in this season.

Benefits of capsicum are countless and apart from this, these vegetables are a wonderful combination of attractive colours and amazing taste. It consists of Vitamin C and carotenoid, the quotient of which increases significantly when the pepper is ripe or is at the peak of it ripeness. The proportion of Vitamin in C in the capsicums is responsible in keeping your immune system healthy.

Capsaicin, which is found in the white membranes of peppers, is the source of imparting heat to the seeds as well. It also lowers the cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Moreover, it kills the ulcer causing bacteria present inside the stomach and is also helpful in boosting up the immunity. Apart from these benefits there are a lot of advantages of including capsicum in your mean at least once a week. Below listed are few more advantages this amazing vegetable.

Few Amazing Health Benefits of Capsicum


Excellent For Getting Over the Deficiency of Iron:

Red bell peppers are the best source of vitamin C and provide around 300 percent of the daily vitamin C requirement and as you know vitamin C is an essential element for the absorption of iron. Therefore, the people who have iron deficiency should increase the intake and enjoy the benefits capsicums.

Good for Immune System:

As mentioned earlier, vitamin C plays a vital role in maintaining the health of immune system and building stronger collagen that in turn provide support to your joints and skin. It is helpful in reducing the inflammation problem and also lowering down the risk of arthritis. Capsicums also comprise of Vitamin K that is responsible for blood clotting. It is also one of the important elements that are helpful in the development of bones and also protects the cells from oxidative damage.

Helpful in Reducing Hair Fall:

Hair fall have become one of the major problem among the youngsters today and to get rid of this problem they constantly keep on finding solutions without even having an idea that solution is in their kitchen itself. Yes, you have heard it right. Bell peppers come with the property of stimulating the circulation and thus it adds in the effectiveness of many herbs.

Red capsicum is very nutritious and is also supportive for hair growth, not only this but it also helps in curing hair loss. Reducing hair loss and stimulating the hair growth are among the few special benefits of capsicum. These bell papers enhance the blood flow that is responsible for the proper growth of hair and protecting the hair follicles so that the hairs can grow naturally and beautifully.

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Comprise of Anti-ageing Properties:

Consuming the juice of bell pepper is beneficial in reducing the signs of aging in you and helps you in looking young and beautiful. Protecting the skin from damaging and giving it a natural glow is one of the biggest benefits of capsicum.

Burns Calories:

Capsicum comes with the property to activate thermogenesis that helps in increasing the metabolic rate. Capsaicin is an element that is responsible to increase the tanginess in papers especially in other normal peppers. This Capsaicin is found in very little amounts in bell peppers due to which they have less thermogenic action and supports the metabolism without even increasing the blood pressure or heart rate like other peppers do.

Have Detoxifying Properties:

The colour vegetable comes with the advantage of cleaning the toxins from your body. These capsicums are found to be helpful in clearing out the congestion in the mucus membranes present in nose and lungs and thus eliminating the harmful toxins through sweating.

Magnesium and Vitamin B6 Reduces the Pre-menstrual Symptoms:

Increased anxiety and mood swings are common symptoms of pre-menstruation. The capsicum that comprise of Vitamin B6 and mineral magnesium; combination of which is very helpful in decreasing the signs of anxiety and mood swings that are majorly caused because of pre-menstrual symptoms.  Vitamin B6 is also helpful in reducing the problems like bloating and hypertension.

Supports in Keeping Your Hair & Nails Healthy

Green bell pepper or normal capsicum is full of natural silicon. This high content of silicon present not only support healthy hair and nails but is also helpful in hair growth.

Strengthens Hair Follicles

One of the reasons why bell peppers plants and the fruits are good for hair is the fact that they are excellent sources of vitamin C which is essential for hair health. Vitamin C helps in proper absorption of iron, thus ensuring that there is enough iron in red blood cells to carry oxygen to hair follicles. Vitamin C is also used in the formation of collagen.

Collagen is required by hair follicles, blood vessel and skin to stay healthy and for their optimal growth. Vitamin C deficiency can cause dry, splitting hair that breaks easily.

Available in different colours, there are a number of Health Benefits of Capsicum, so intake a proper amount of these bell peppers in your regular diet and stay healthy.