Originally, Minoxidil was marketed in tablets and used exclusively in hypertensive patients. Being a vasodilator, it has an excellent response in this type of pathologies.

The action of Minoxidil against hair loss was discovered accidentally because some patients had experienced hair growth on the body and scalp as a side effect.

As a result of this, studies were started with topical and lotions applied directly to the affected areas and the results were very good.

Only in 1980, its production started and was available to the general public in the same year. The lotion was marketed in a 2% concentration under the brand name "Rogaine".

Its tablet version is still prescribed to hypertensive patients, but in the case of Alopecia, it is applied locally by means of oily or alcoholic lotions.

How Does Minoxidil Give You A Fuller Head Of Thick Hair

Minoxidil for hail loss

Being a potent vasodilator, it was believed that Minoxidil stimulated the blood flow through the blood vessels and in this way, it is an effective medium for hair regrowth. Later, other vasodilators were tested and the results were lacking in character. Therefore, it’s not the action of vasodilator that grows hair but something different that works behind the hair growth.

The exact mechanism of action of Minoxidil is still unknown, but it is now widely believed that it acts by stimulating the opening of potassium channels by preventing calcium. As Calcium sends the signal to the follicles to stop growth from entering the cells directly.

Maybe it's both things that make hair grow. Calcium blockage with vasodilatory action. To the day, doctors are still studying about its mechanism of action.

Minoxidil Brands & Varieties 

minoxidil best brand in market

It is sold in concentrations of 2% and 5% and responds from the third or fourth month of use.

There are many laboratories and brands that produce it, and the best-known brands are:

Rogaine (best product in India), Regaine, Ylox, Mintop (best product in India), Lacovin, Kresse, Minoxile, Tricoplus and Neoxidil to name a few.

What happens in most cases where Minoxidil works is exactly that: a great recovery for the first eight / twelve months and then maintains the same hair density for many years.

Important Precautions For Minoxidil Treatment

1) After washing and drying the hair, place the lotion on the affected area ensuring the exact contact with the scalp but not with the hairs.

2) For a better distribution, a quick message (30 seconds) with the light fingertips is recommended.

3) The application can be repeated at night and, in case there are no side effects, we recommend you try it 2 times a day. Since the difference between one and two applications is usually great in terms of outcome.

4) Wash hands thoroughly after application. No medicine must be left in your hands.

5) To prevent lotion from remaining on the pillow, do not lie down until at least 30 minutes have elapsed after application.

6) Avoid contact with eyes, nose or mouth. In case it happens, wash with abundant water.

Do not use it if:

1) There is some irritation, inflammation or injury to the scalp because it could cause excessive absorption of the drug in your body. Make sure you have a healthy scalp.

2) If you are a woman, you should consult a dermatologist and evaluate the cause of your alopecia before making the decision to start with Minoxidil.

3) If you are dealing with other medications/lotions on the scalp at the same time, you should not use Minoxidil.

4) If you have abnormal blood pressure or you suffer heart problems or cardiac disease.

5) If you are under 18, you will find other alternatives but do not use Minoxidil. Consult a professional to recommend a treatment according to your age.

Possible Side Effects:

In case you suffer any side effects, you will have to stop the treatment immediately and consult a doctor as soon as possible:

1) Hair growth on the face.
2) Chest pain or rapid heartbeat.
3) Tinnitus, blurred vision, fainting, or dizziness.
4) Unexplained weight gain, swelling of hands and feet.
5) Allergy or inflammation in any part of the body.

Most Important Things To Consider Before Using Minoxidil

1) The results of Minoxidil are obvious but not magical. You will have to wait about four months to see if it is working.

2) If you start the treatment, you must be constant.

3) You will get the maximum results between ten and fourteen months that Minoxidil can give you in terms of hair growth.

4) If you plan to use it twice a day, and in case if you forget an application; do not try to recover it the next day. Forgetting an application will not affect the final outcome of the treatment. The maximum dose of minoxidil may accelerate its side effect.

5) If you decide to stop the treatment definitely, your hair will return to its initial state after four months.

6) Minoxidil does not cure Alopecia but promotes growth and then prevents the fall. In short, it’s the hair maintenance therapy once the maximum hair growth achieved.

7) Remember that you should never start a treatment without first consulting a professional or until you are ensured that you have androgenic alopecia.

8) Minoxidil responds very well when applied in concentrations of five percent and preferably, twice a day.

9) The results begin to be evident from the fourth month of use. It is important to use it every day.

10) It should never be used by infants or children. It also can not be used in case of heart problems, arrhythmia or high blood pressure.

11) If you are a woman, you should consult a dermatologist and evaluate the cause of your alopecia before making the decision to start with Minoxidil

12) Side effects can range from an allergy to an accelerated heart rate. In such a case, you should stop the treatment immediately and consult with a doctor.

13) Under no circumstances try to "recover" the missed application of the previous day by adding it the next day. It should never be used more than twice a day.

14) Minoxidil is suggested 1 ml of application in a single time that means 1 ml in the morning or 1 ml in the night but it doesn't make sense to use 2 ml in a single time.