Teenage years are the most crucial years of an individual’s life. In one’s growing years, body image plays a key role. And if someone is overweight, he or she feels less confident around their slimmer counterparts. The hormonal changes and ongoing activities make teenagers gain weight and it’s therefore vital to know and understand how teenagers can stay fit without any health hazards.

Gyms are a great way to get physically fit and active. In fact, gyming has become quite a fad among teens. Here we’ll know whether a teen should workout in gym or not.

Different Gyms Have Different Age Restrictions

Several gyms allow teens of ages 12-17 to join but only if their guardians accompany them. While in some other gyms, minimum age requirement is 18 years. And there are some of the gyms that only allow teens to workout in the designated youth facility area. Some of the gyms allow teens the same freedom to use the equipment as adults.

Community vs Private Gyms

Gyms allowing teens may be either community or private. The community gyms are usually nonprofit being run by religious or other community organizations. The nonprofits have low membership fees or one-time use fees. Whereas the private gyms run for profit and have high membership fees. Both types of gyms need you to sign a membership agreement and give a brief account of health history. Most of the private gyms allow teens as well as adults. Selected gyms that only allow teens render personal instructions so as to ensure the teens safety during equipment use.

Teen-Specific Gym Programs

Apart from gym memberships, some gyms provide classes and programs especially for teens. This allows teens to do yoga, hip hop aerobics, or play dodgeball with others. A lot of gyms also offer summer programs with structured activities, games and instructions on physical fitness. And there are certain gyms offering weight-loss classes for teens of ages 13-17 which includes a nutritional program. The community gyms primarily focus on team sports, where the teens can challenge each other in games like basketball, swimming or even gymnastics.

Doctor’s Consent Is A Must

Before joining a gym or starting a new fitness regime, a teen should undergo physical exam with doctor. And only after the doctor gives the clearance, should the teen be allowed into gym. Someone should demonstrate the safe use of equipment and while performing workout, an adult should be nearby to supervise him or her. Warming up and cooling down for 10-15 minutes before and after exercise ensures safe workout.

How Often Should Teenagers Work Out On A Weekly Basis?

As the teenagers have a higher rate of metabolism, they can work out almost every day or take one day rest. 1 hour of physical activity keeps such teens fit and their metabolic rate high even when they grow old.

What All Exercises To Perform?

A teen they should not lift very heavy weights in gym. Since their body is in growing phase, they should rather go for floor and bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, chin-ups, planks, dips, crunches, and push-ups. The machines for cardio workouts including treadmill, cross trainer, elliptical, twister are better for teens.

Any Precautions Teens Should Take For Gyming?

Gyming and lifting weights can be bad with a teen’s growing body. It may even inhibit their growth and cause them to become short or not achieve the optimal height. It can also cause loss of muscle mass due to insufficiency of protein in diet. This is why they it’s vital to concentrate more on physical activities and bodyweight exercises rather than just sweating it out in the gym.
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