You might have heard of numerous beauty regimen followed worldwide to pamper your private portion between the legs, from brazilian waxing to tattooing. Now there’s something new which has arrived from the west and made its way to India. Vajacial is such a revitalizing treatment that leaves the skin soft, supple and relaxed down there. It is a type of facial for your bikini line just like any other regular facials which is followed after a bikini or a Brazilian waxing as this leaves the skin red and a little irritated.

Vajacials are on the beauty books from quite a time now and have gained popularity because of its amazing results. Although, the effect remains for a short span but the main concern is to improve the skin tone around your vulva.


It all starts with the application of sugar and lemon paste followed by sugaring and waxing your vulva and the area around that to remove the unwanted hairs. It slightly differs from other regular facials. It has a proper procedure which needs to be followed step by step as given here:

  • In order to loosen any bumps, ingrowns, blackheads and blockages that are present on the upper layer of the skin, a tea tree oil infused steam is given.
  • After loosening the blockages and blackheads, they are extracted from the vulva to clear the skin of any dirt and bacteria left on the surface.
  • After waxing and exfoliation, the skin feels irritated and turns red due to extraction. And to relieve the skin from this irritation, a detoxifying mask is applied that soothes the skin and makes it feel fresh between the legs.
  • A high frequency glass probe, a tool that emits electric current producing oxygen, is used to push oxygen deep in the pores that zaps the bacteria from the skin and prevents future ingrowns.
  • A red light therapy is used that fights pigmentation, improves the skin tone and tightens the skin.
  • Lastly, other skin brightening treatments are given to soften the skin further.

Why Opt For Vajacial?

Like any other facial, vajacial also has some benefits in one form or the other. Speaking about its psychological benefits, it is an act of self-love and pampering oneself with all the healthy and hygienic treatment which further helps fight stigmatization as vaginas are symbolized as weak. It makes women self-conscious. It makes a woman feel pampered, luxurious and fresh which helps build her confidence. Vaginas are often used to connote fragility but this practice is a small act of self-care and every woman is advised to get indulged in this and build trust with their bodies on a positive note.

Moreover, for the psychological benefits it has, there are some other advantages of getting a vajacial.

  • Combats Vaginal Dryness

Vajacial helps alleviate skin problems and cleanse the pores followed by moisturizing the skin with several lotions and potions. This helps in keeping the skin hydrated.

  • Maintains Hygiene

The whole procedure removes blockages and blackheads that helps the skin to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria growing on the skin surface.

  • Healthy Treatment

Although, the process is not medically necessary. But since it keeps the skin of the private area clean and free from germs and bacteria, it is rather considered a healthy treatment that one must opt for.

  • Feels Fresh

Vajacial helps the skin feels fresh for long hours as it keeps the skin hydrated and maintains the pH balance of the skin down there.

So these were some of the reasons to get a vaginal facial done and feel luxurious all the time. After knowing the benefits, it is important for one to do research prior to opting for this treatment. The one who is performing the vajacial must be licensed and a skilled professional. Also, the chemicals that will be used must be mild as applying the same on the inner labia can put you at risk and may cause irritation. Also this has to be applied on the bare skin post vaginal waxing.

Is It Safe To Get Yourself A Vajacial Done?

Talking about the safety, we all know that the area around the vulva is extremely soft and sensitive and using harsh chemicals down there is definitely not advisable, unless the chemicals used are of mild nature. However, the treatment can help combat dryness and zap dirt and bacteria. It is always advisable to do some research on your part. Also, it is important to consult your gynecologist before getting ahead with the treatment as large use of lotions and chemicals is involved.

Moreover, it is suggested to seek help from a certified professional because this needs trust as this is a very intimate service where you get your private parts exposed. You must go with the person who can deeply understand your skin type, your choices and the complex structure.

So stay abreast of the latest regimens on the beauty book and get yourself a body pampering when you are done with the daily rush and are no more interested in enduring a shaving hazard.

Hope this blog post has helped you solve most of your queries regarding your lady part and you find it informative as well.
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